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CA-13 Boomerang Color Profile and Paint Guide

CA-13 Boomerang

Paint Chart by Color Match with Scale Fade

Akan AKI Gunze Humbrol Tamiya Testors Vallejo
Foilage Green K3/177
Foilage Green K3/177 7% Scale Fade
      30   2097 70.895
Foilage Green K3/177 10% Scale Fade
      30   2097
Foilage Green K3/177 15% Scale Fade
          4776 70.920
Foilage Green K3/177 25% Scale Fade
73110       XF25    
Akan AKI Gunze Humbrol Tamiya Testors Vallejo
Earth Brown K3/178
73098           71.043
Earth Brown K3/178 7% Scale Fade
73098     155 XF72 2124 70.871
Earth Brown K3/178 10% Scale Fade
      155 XF72 2124  
Earth Brown K3/178 15% Scale Fade
Earth Brown K3/178 25% Scale Fade
Akan AKI Gunze Humbrol Tamiya Testors Vallejo
Sky Blue K3/195
      196     70.907
Sky Blue K3/195 7% Scale Fade
Sky Blue K3/195 10% Scale Fade
Sky Blue K3/195 15% Scale Fade
Sky Blue K3/195 25% Scale Fade
  • The colors in the page-width bars are produced from digital measurements taken from published color standards and their calculated scale derivatives. For a list of the standards that we use, visit our Color Reference Section.
  • Colors that come closest to matching their respective standard or derivative color are displayed with their own color and identification.
  • Colors with a white background either have not yet been tested for match-up.
  • Color tables are subject to change without warning as new data is evaluated.
  • Silver and Bare Metal colors can be selected here: Bare Metal Color Charts
  • Cockpit color charts can be found here: Cockpit Color Charts

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