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US Navy World War II Warship Color Equivalents

#1 Green
FS 34258
#2 Green
#3 Green
#4 Brown
FS 30145
#4 Deck Gray 20
ANA 604 (early) FS 37030 
#5 Standard Navy Gray
FS 36375 
5-B Thayer Blue
5-D Dark Gray
FS 26008
5-H Haze Gray
FS 36173
5-HG Haze Green (Early)
5-HG Haze Green (Late)
5-L Light Gray (Early)
5-L Light Gray (Late)
5-LG Light Green
ANA 610 (early)
5-N Navy Blue
FS 25051
5-NG Navy Green (Early)
5-NG Navy Green (Late)
ANA 631 (late) FS 34079
5-O Ocean Gray (Early)
FS 36099
5-O Ocean Gray (Late)
5-OG Ocean Green (Early)
5-OG Ocean Green (Late)
5-P Pale Gray
5-PG Pale Green
FS 34583
5-S Sea Blue A
5-S Sea Blue B
5-S Sea Blue C
FS 15109
7 Navy Gray 5-N
11 Outside Gray
ANA 603 (early) FS 36118
17 Ocean Gray
ANA 621 (early)
20 Deck Gray
FS 26118
20-B Deck Blue (Early)
FS 26099
20-B Deck Blue (Late)
ANA 607 (early)
20-G Deck Green
ANA 513 (late) FS 16081
20 Norfolk 250-N Flight Deck Stain
21 Flight Deck Stain
ANA 608 (late) FS 35164
22 Buff
FS 23448
27 Haze Gray 5-H
37 Light Gray 5-L
FS 36463
40 Navy Red
46 Outside Gray
FS 26630
Norfolk 65A Antifouling Red
82 Black
FS 37031
Brown 1A
FS 30040
Brown 2A
Brown 3A
ANA 617 (late) FS 20095
Brown 4A
Green 1A
FS 34083
Green 2A
FS 33070
Green 3A
Green 4A
Cavite Blue
ANA 603 (late) FS 36118
Mahogany Flight Deck Stain
Mountbatten Pink (Dark)
MTB Green

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