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Leading Edge 1/48 Canadian CF-18 Standard Markings Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2009 Manufacturer Leading Edge
Subject Canadian CF-18 Standard Markings Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48062 Pros Excellent general purpose markings for CAF CF-18s
Cons Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) Out of Production

First Look

Leading Edge has released an interesting new set of decals. This is a two-sheet set that will essentially allow you to replicate any line Hornet in the Canadian Armed Forces. This set provides a several styles of lettering, stencils, markings, and walkways to reflect some of the differences that can be found through the CF-18 fleet. The false canopy under the nose is provided both as decals or as paint masks should you prefer to paint on the false canopy.

CF-18 CF-18 CF-18 CF-18

This set provides an extensive set of stencils and markings for virtually all of the standard CF-18s in service in the Canadian Armed Forces. These include squadron markings for:

  • 409 Sqn
  • 410 Sqn
  • 416 Sqn
  • 425 Sqn
  • 433 Sqn

This set also provides specific markings for a number of combat veterans and line aircraft including:

  • CF-18A, 188718, 409 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188725, 416 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188753, 409/441 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188774, 425 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188776, 409/441 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188790, 425 Sqn
  • CF-18A, 188795, 416 Sqn
  • CF-18B, 188910, 410 Sqn
  • CF-18B, 188916, 409 Sqn
  • CF-18B, 188924, 425 Sqn

This is a very nice addition to the Leading Edge series of CF-18s and now you can replicate line aircraft as well as the colorful commemorative birds as well.

My sincere thanks to Leading Edge Decals for this review sample!


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