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Bf 109 Decals

Victory Productions 1/32 Swiss Bf 109s Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2010 Manufacturer Victory Productions
Subject Swiss Bf 109s Scale 1/32
Set Number VPD32005 Pros Markings for 16 Bf 109s
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic
MSRP (USD) $24.95

First Look

Victory Productions released a new set of marking options for Eduard or Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf 109E or G releases. This set provides the colorful markings of the Swiss Air Force's neutrality enforcers that brought anyone that strayed into neutral Swiss airspace to the ground (one way or another) and internment for the rest of the war. The Swiss bought their mainline fighters from Germany, the Bf 109E-3, which served as the backbone of their force until other models were 'acquired' and pressed into service.

Bf 109 Bf 109

The subjects featured in this release include:

  1. Bf 109E-3, J-315, Cp.Av.6, Thun, 1940
  2. Bf 109E-3, J-317, Fl.Kp.7, 1940-42
  3. Bf 109E-3, J-360, Fl.Kp.8, Avenches, 1940
  4. Bf 109E-3, J-362, Fl.Kp.8, Avenches, 1940
  5. Bf 109E-3, J-346, Fl.Kp.8, Thun, 1944
  6. Bf 109E-3, J-350, Fl.Kp.9, Avenches, 1941
  7. Bf 109E-3, J-318, Fl.Kp.9, 1941
  8. Bf 109E-3, J-374, Fl.Kp.9, 1941
  9. Bf 109E-3, J-356, Fl.Kp.21, Emmen, 1940
  10. Bf 109E-3, J-371, Interlaken, 1944
  11. Bf 109E-3, J-346, Fl.Kp.15, 1941
  12. Bf 109E-3, J-387, Fl.Kp.15, 1941
  13. Bf 109E-3, J-378, Super SFR, Fl.Kp.8, 1942
  14. Bf 109E-3, J-316, As delivered 20 Jun 1938
  15. Bf 109G-6, J-702, Fl.Kp.7, Interlaken, 1944
  16. Bf 109G-6, J-705, Fl.Kp.7, Sion, 1945

This set is very impressive and my sample is in perfect register. This is definitely a set to get your hands on and build a few of those nice Hasegawa or Eduard kits.

Victory Productions Decals are available from Stevens International, Skygrid, Hannants, Beaver Corporation (Japan), Airdoc (Germany), Snowy Mountain Models (Australia), and of course directly from Victory Productions (

My sincere thanks to Victory Productions for this review sample!


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