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Italeri 1/24 Scania Topline Tractor Kit First Look

by Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review May 2010 Manufacturer Italeri
Subject Scania Topline Tractor Scale 1/24
Kit Number 0792 Primary Media Styrene
Pros First styrene kit of this subject in this scale; very nice detailing throughout Cons See text
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) Out of Production

First Look


The Scania Topline R 143 is a Swedish truck. It is the flagship in a wind-ranging program by Scania. The Scania Topline has a fully equipped long-distance cab with a 22 cm (about 7 inches) higher roof than previous heavy Scania trucks. The Topline represents a perfect workplace for it's driver. The powerful engine features electronically controlled fuel injection. The model represents what was the latest Scania design of heavy trucks in 1983 (the copyright date of this kit). It ensured complete control and maximum safety in its design. A typical feature of the Topline is it's sturdy construction, giving good protection in the event of an accident.

Italeri is a prolific model company based in Italy. They market models of aircraft, AFV's, military figures, ships, cars and trucks. This kit was marketed through The Testor's Corp. back when I purchased it, per the sticker that was on the kit's shrink wrap then.

This kit comes in a tray and lid type box. The box art shows a Topline running down a rain-swept highway. It is in a red livery with lots of chrome trim. The air foil on the roof sports a white sign with black lettering that says “King of the Road”.

The side panels of the box have one paragraph histories, in 10 languages including English. These paragraphs are labeled with the flags of the countries that the languages are for. It is said that the kit is for modelers over 10 years of age, but not for children under 3.

Inside the box are 9 trees of parts. There are 2 large, 1 medium and 1 small sized jet black trees. 1 each larger, medium and small bright red trees. A single medium sized tan tree and a clear tree of parts. There are a total of 329 parts in the kit.

The instruction sheet and the decals complete the kit’s contents.

The instructions consist of a large single sheet that accordion folds out into 8 pages of 6 ½” x 12 ¾” format.

Page one of the instructions begins with a black and white photo of the model made up. This is followed by the history of the truck in the 10 languages.

Page two begins with “Attention – Useful Advice”, in 8 languages. This is followed by illustrations of Italeri’s No. 962 hobby tool set and 5 of the 8 parts tree drawings.

Page three begins with illustrations of the other 4 parts trees. Followed by a paint color listing suggesting the colors to use to finish the model. Model Master brand colors are listed. The bottom of the page has the first assembly step drawing.

The parts trees are labeled with geometric symbols to differentiate them, rather than alphabet letters as normally encountered in kits. These symbols appear with the part number next to them in the assembly steps. Colors are called out in the assembly steps with white alphabet letters on black circles.

Pages four through eight give a balance of a total of 16 assembly steps.

In step number one, you are asked to chop a length out of each side frame member and then glue short sections back into that area.

In step number two, you are to use a hot screwdriver to mushroom out the heads of pins that secure the steering members. Something I don’t look forward to, as this is very easy to mess up.

There is a complete engine in the kit. Only some wire and plumbing added would be needed to dolly this up. The cab tilts to show off this.

The cabin area is highly detailed inside. However, the cab doors are molded solid and would take surgery to open.

Part numbers are in numerical order on the parts trees.

The first tree is a large jet black one. It is designated on the parts tree illustrations with a black square. It holds the engine parts, the fifth wheel, inner door panels, steering wheel etc. (88 parts) 18 of these parts are X’d out on the parts tree illustrations as being excess and not needed to complete the kit.

The second tree is also a lage jet black one. It is designated on the parts tree illustrations with a black triangle. It holds the frame members, leaf springs, transmission parts etc. (118 parts) 8 of these parts are X’d out on the parts tree illustrations.

The third tree is a small bright red one. Designated by a white star. It holds two cab body parts. The rear wall and the roof.

The fourth tree is a small jet black one. Designated by a 8 armed wagon wheel. It holds wheel rim parts. (20 parts)

The fifth tree is a medium sized tan tree. Designated by a black circle. It holds more cab parts and the seats. (9 parts)

The sixth tree is a large bright red one. Designated by an 8 point star. It holds the cab sides, with the doors molded solid, the grill and the windshield frame etc. (38 parts) 3 are X’d out on the parts tree illustrations.

The seventh tree is a medium sized jet black one. Designated by a 6 armed wagon wheel. It holds the tires. (20 parts)

The eighth tree is the clear one. Designated by a 5 point star. It holds the cab windows and light lenses. (11 parts)

The ninth, and final tree, is a medium sized red one and the only one designated by an alphabet letter “A”. It holds the roof air dam part, bumpers etc. (23 parts)

The decal sheet has the chrome trim for the cab printed on it in bright silver along with multiple license plate numbers, rear view mirror surfaces, the instrument panel, the “King of the Road” sign (that goes on the roof’s air dam) etc. The license plates are for other countries than the USA.

No figures are in the kit. I would have preferred to have seen some chrome plated parts in the kit. Rather than doing some of the trim as a silver decal. These decals don’t take care of all the bright chrome that was sported on this truck. Especially the wheel rims.

This is a highly detailed truck model. The steering can be assembled that it moves and the cab swings up to reveal the nice engine. Highly recommended.