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M4A3 75mm Sherman Kit

Italeri 1/72 M4A3 75mm Sherman Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review November 2011 Manufacturer Italeri
Subject M4A3 75mm Sherman Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7518 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Two complete kits, simple build, easy assembly Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $21.95

First Look

M4A3 75mm Sherman Kit
M4A3 75mm Sherman Kit
M4A3 75mm Sherman Kit

Italeri is a prolific model kit manufacturer based in Italy. They produce kits of AFV’s, aircraft, ships, figures, cars, trucks and diorama scene sets in the popular modeling scales. Their US distributor is Model Rectifier Corp in Edison, NJ.

Early Shermans mounted a 75 mm medium-velocity general-purpose gun.. Although Ordnance began work on the Medium Tank T20 as a Sherman replacement, ultimately the Army decided to minimize production disruption by incorporating elements of other tank designs into the Sherman. Later M4A1, M4A2, and M4A3 models received the larger T23 turret with a high-velocity 76mm M1 gun, which reduced the number of HE and smoke rounds carried and increased the number of anti-tank rounds. Later, the M4 and M4A3 were factory-produced with a 105 mm howitzer and a new distinctive mantlet in the original turret. The first standard-production 76 mm gun Sherman was an M4A1, accepted in January 1944, and the first standard-production 105 mm howitzer Sherman was an M4 accepted in February 1944

This kit is packaged in a shrink-wrapped end-opening type box that has the end flaps sealed with round pieces of scotch tape. The box art shows two M4A3 Sherman models built up and displayed on a wooded diorama base. The kit is aimed at wargamers and modelers over 11 years of age, but not under 3. The kit contains two complete Shermans.

The back of the box serves as the painting and assembly instructions. Italeri brand paint colors are called out.

Inside the box are 4 light gray trees of parts and the decal sheet in a sealed cello bag.

There is a small sheet in the box that has CAUTIONS on one side in 20 languages, including English. The reverse side has a customer service coupon to mail in to Italeri about any problems with the kit.

There is also a 3-view drawing on this reverse side.

2 identical large light gray parts trees each hold: upper and lower hull parts, rear panels, antenna, bow machine-gun, flexible machine-gun (for top of turret), suspension with treads molded to it (8 parts per tree)

2 identical small light gray parts trees each hold: turret, turret’s vertical pivot axle, inner and outer mantle parts and the main gun. (5 parts per tree)

The decal sheet completes the kit’s contents. It holds marks for 4 schemes, that are shown as 3-views on the sheet included.

  1. A M4A3 in the Philippines, 1944. It has a wolf’s head painted on the sides of the hull and the words “Classy Peg”. No stars or serial number are shown on it. Overall olive drab
  2. A M4A3 in Germany, 1945. It has the words “Ase Mae” on the sides of the hull and white stars on the turret sides, but no serial number. Overall olive drab
  3. A M4A3 in the Ardennes, winter 1944/45. Base paint of olive drab with winter white wash worn coating over it. Stars on turret sides have been left free of the whitewash and the serial number w-3096073 is also left uncoated to the rear of the sides of the hull
  4. This 3 view is for use to make other alternative markings It shows the white star in a circle type marking and where to put any one of 6 other serial numbers provided on the decal sheet

I recommend this kit to both wargammers and general modelers of AFV kits. The Sherman has always been a big favorite in the modeling world.

I want to thank MRC for this review sample.