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Soviet Soldiers At Rest

Miniart 1/35 Soviet Soldiers At Rest Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review October 2010 Manufacturer Miniart
Subject Soviet Soldiers At Rest Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35028 Primary Media 55 parts in grey styrene
Pros Nicely molded Soviet infantry at rest figures Cons No rifle or machine gun as shown on box art
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $12.35

First Look

MiniArt is a prolific model company based in the Ukraine. They market AFV, figures (in 1/72nd, 1/35th & 1/16th scale) and diorama buidings.

Soviet Soldiers At Rest Soviet Soldiers At Rest

This kit comes in a end-opening type box. The box art shows 5 Soviet soldiers around a camp-fire eating a meal. They are all wearing quilted uniforms with cloth hats that have wool fold-down ear flaps. They all also wear jackboots. One figure is wearing a great-coat. Although a rifle is shown and a machine gun, neither of these are provided in the kit. The back of the box is the assembly and painting instructions in color. Paints are called out in the Vallejo, Testor, Tamiya, Humbol, Revell and Mr. Color brands by their product numbers and colors named in English and Ukrainian.

Inside the box is 2 light gray trees of parts in a sealed cello bag with a sheet printed with the parts tree illustrations on one side. There is also a catalog of MiniArt kits that is folded in the center to create 4 pages. It shows many color box arts of other kits marketed by them. The trees have no part numbers next to the parts, but the parts tree drawings and the assembly painting instructions on the back of the box do. The parts for each figure are alphabetized. This means looking first at the assembly instructions and then the parts tree illustrations and then the trees to find the part you need. Extra work that could have been simplified by just putting number tabs on the trees.

The first light gray tree holds parts for soldier “A”, “C” and some parts of “D”.Soldier “A” is divided into separate head, hat, torso, arms and legs. He is seated and eating out of can with a spoon. Soldier “C” is divided identically and is seated with his right leg extended out in front of him he is hold out a metal cup for soldier “E” to pour him liquid from a canteen. Soldier “D” is also divided up the same and is to be posed kneeling by a camp-fire while stirring a kettle on an prop made from tree limbs over a fire. The kettle halves, spoon and a mess kit are all molded beside his body parts. (28 parts)

The second light gray tree holds parts for soldier “B”, “E” and more parts to go with soldier “D”. Soldier B is divided like all the soldiers on the first tree. He is posed wearing the great coat and is standing with his left leg raised at the knee. He is eating out of a metal cup with a spoon. He has a map case and a pistol holster molded by his body parts also. Soldier “E” is likewise divided. He is seated and pouring liquid from a canteen into a cup held by soldier “C” as previously mentioned. Next to his body parts are more “D” parts the wood sticks for the kettle support a ground cloth with a loaf of bread with 2 slices sliced off it and some other food supplies on a smaller cloth. (27 parts)

Other than the pistol holster, there are no weapons in the kit like what are shown on the box art.