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French Tank Crew

Miniart 1/35 French Tank Crew Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review March 2011 Manufacturer Miniart
Subject French Tank Crew Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35105 Primary Media Grey Styrene
Pros Nicely detailed set Cons Price a little steep
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $20.95

First Look

The kit comes in a shrink-wrapped end-opening type box.

French Tank Crew French Tank Crew

The box art has the 5 French tank crewmen posed against a all white background.

One crewman is shown sitting on the door of a rear turret hatch of a French tank. He is wearing a black leather helmet with goggles on it, a black leather jacket, khaki pants and a satchel on a should strap.

The second crewman is reclined and supporting himself on his right hand. He is wearing a khaki sweater and pants and low shoes and has a black beret on his head.

The third figure is of an officer. He is wearing a black leather jacket, a kepi peaked hat, a long yellow scarf, a pistol holster and khaki jodpher pants with knee high black boots. He has a cane in his right hand and is standing.

The fourth figure has a black leather helmet and goggles, black leather jacket, khaki trousers and low shoes. He is standing and is adjusting the strap on his helmet. He has a pistol holster and the satchel on a shoulder strap.

The fifth figure is dressed in a khaki jacket and pants with a brown leather belt and low shoes. He has a black beret on his head. He is standing and has his arms folded in front of him.

The back of the box serves as the painting and assembly instructions. The box art is repeated here in full color again and labels going to each part of the figure illustrations call out the part number and colors. Below this is a paint listing for Vallejo, Testor, Tamiya, Humbrol, Revell and Mr. Color brands of paints.

One side panel of the box says:

Unassembled plastic model kit. This kit contains 45 parts. Box contains five figures. For modelers age 14 and over. Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts. Paint and glue are not included. MADE IN UKRAINE This all is repeated in Ukrainian, Russian and English with full color flags of the countries that speak these languages. The second side panel has full color box arts for 2 other figure kits that MiniArt markets: a Japanese tank crew, kit no. 35123 and a U.S. tank crew, kit no. 35126. The kit has a copyright date of 2011, MiniArt’s street and e-mail addresses are shown here too.

Inside the box is a single sealed cello bag containing 2 gray trees of parts and a small sheet with the parts trees illustrated on it. This sheet will have to be referred to constantly to find parts, because the trees are neither alphabetized or numbered.

The box is very blousy and there is much void around the contents.

One tree holds the parts for the officer and the tank crewman that sits on the opened hatch door. They are divided into separate heads, torsos, arms, legs, officer’s kepi, his cane, his coat tails, his holster, leather helmet and goggles for the crewman and his shoulder bag. (22 parts)

The second tree holds the parts for the other 3 crewmen.

The figures on the second tree have the same separate body parts, leather helmet, berets, pistol holster and shoulder bag. (23 parts)

These 5 figures can be used to form a nice diorama around a French tank.

The figures are very well detailed.

My sincere thanks to MRC for this review sample!