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Soviet Infantry

Master Box 1/35 German Checkpoint Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review July 2011 Manufacturer Master Box
Subject German Checkpoint Scale 1/35
Kit Number 3527 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Excellent instant diorama Cons A little overpriced. No decal
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $26.59

First Look


A gendarmerie or gendarmery is a military body charged with police duties among civilian populations. The members of such a body are called gendarmes.

Master Box is a Ukrainian model company. They do quite a number of military figure kits.

This kit is of a German checkpoint. It contains 3 German gendarme figures, a moving barrier pole, a guard shed, 3 civilians (a man, a woman and a little girl), 2 German shepherd guard dogs (one standing and one sitting) and one steel vehicle barricade.

The box art shows the civilians presenting their identity papers to a German officer. He has a device in his belt that is a stick with a round disk on the end. The disk is painted white with a red circle in the center. This is held out to slow down approaching vehicles usually. He is wearing a long leather coat, a peaked officer’s hat and jack boots. Both of the other German soldiers are wearing steel helmets. One wears a long leather coat and the other one wears a long wool coat. Both wear jack boots. One has a rifle slung over his shoulder and is holding the leash on a seated German shepherd. He is standing behind the barricade pole. This pole shows a warning sign nailed onto it, but the kit does not include this sign. The other German soldier is armed with a MP39. Both soldiers wear a metal gendarme badge, hung by a chain around their necks. This badge is illustrated largely next to the main box art. The guard shack and the barrier pole are painted with barber stripes.

The female civilian wears a long wool coat and is carrying a shoulder bag. The male civilian is wearing a soft peak cap and a short jacket over pants that are tucked into knee high boots. Between him and the woman there is a suitcase sitting on the ground. The little girl has her head wrapped in a scarf and is wearing a long plaid coat over a skirt and knee socks. The scene appears to be a rainy day, as the ground is all wet.

One side panel has cautions to follow while building the kit in three languages that are labeled with the flags of the countries that these languages are for: The UK, Ukraine and Russia.

The other side panel has the flag and the cautions for Germany. Next to this are 3 color box arts for other figure kits that Master Box markets.

  • Kit no. MB3532 “Bail Out, Russian Tank Crew, Kursk 1943. This is 4 Russian tank crew exiting their knocked out tank and one appears to be wounded.
  • Kit no. MB3535 “Soviet Tank Men, 1943-1945. 4 Soviet tank crew figures that appear to be at leisure outside their tank.
  • Kit no. MB3529 “Russian Infantry, Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy 1944. This is 4 Russian soldiers who are having their photo taken by an officer for the folks and the newspapers back home.

The back of the box has color illustrations of the figures made up and painted. These serve as the assembly instructions and are labeled with the part numbers and numbers of the colors suggested for use to paint them. A paint list is shown for Vallejo, Tamiya, LifeColor, Humbrol and Agama brands of paints. Above this are 2 color photos of the figures made up and in a diorama scene.

Inside the box are 2 light tan parts trees in a sealed cello bag with a sheet that has the parts tree illustrations on it.

Tree letter A holds the parts of: the guard shack, the moveable barricade pole and the gendarme that is holding the dog by a leash. He is divided into separate legs, torso, arms, head, helmet, 2 sections of the lower half of his great coat, a rifle, gas mask canister, ammo pouches and a shovel. (36 parts).

Tree letter B holds the parts of: the other figures, the 2 dogs, the suitcase, the metal vehicle barrier. The officer is divided into separate legs, torso, arms, head and peaked officer’s hat. The disk on the stick is a separate part for him, as well as a pistol in a holster and a flashlight carried on his chest. The bottom of his long coat is in 4 length sections. The gendarme with the dog is in the same body sections and his long coat has 2 long lower sections. He has a separate rifle, steel helmet, gas mask canister, ammo pouches, and a bread bag. The other gendarme is also in the same separate body parts, steel helmet, 2 lower coat sections and the MP39 machine pistol.

The male civilian is divided into separate legs, torso, arms, head and peaked cap. The female civilian is divided into the same body parts. The bottom of her long coat is in 3 sections. The little girl is in 2 halves: her lower and upper body sections with arms folded and molded in.

The guard shack is in 6 sections: roof, side walls, rear wall, door opening and floor sections. The movable barrier pole is in 14 sections” the pole, its counter-weight and the support posts. The final item is the metal vehicle obstacle. This is made up of 3 steel girders welded together into a 6 armed star shape. (58 parts)

This kit is an instant diorama. The molding is very good and detail is outstanding.