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Revell 1/35 M1038 HMMWV Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review April 2010 Manufacturer Revell/Germany
Subject M1038 HMMWV Scale 1/35
Kit Number 3027 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nicely detailed Hummer kit Cons No engine detail, figures or cargo load included
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) Out of Production

First Look


The HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle), nicknamed Hummer or Humvee, introduced into the U.S. Army from 1985, was developed as a successor to the legendary Jeep. Numerous variants are used and it is distinguished by its outstanding cross-country performance.

The two-seater version with winch, known as the M1038, is used to transport troops and supplies. A V-8 diesel engine, with 6.2 L displacement and 150 HP output accelerated the vehicle, which was designed for a gross weight of 3,574 kg (7,863 lbs), up to a maximum speed of 113 Km/h (slightly over 70 mph).

This kit has been out on the market for some time. I can currently not find any for sale on the web. It may be currently out of production. I won my kit in a raffle at a IPMS contest last weekend. The price listed above is what was on a label still attached to the box.

The kit comes in a tray bottom box with a hinged lid. The box art shows a HMMWV M1038 cargo vehicle with a canvas roof, moving over a snow covered field. A CH-47 Chinook helicopter is in the background hoisting another HMMWV with cables. A side panel shows 4 color illustrations of the marking schemes provided on the kit’s decal sheet. They are:

  • A HMMWV with the 11th Cavalry Regiment USAREUR, 1990
  • A HMMWV with the 3rd Infantry Division USAREUR, 1995
  • A HMMWV with the 8th Infantry Division, Reforger 90 FTX/CPX “Centurion Shield”, January 1990
  • A HMMWV with the 130th Engineer Brigade USAREUR, 1996

Next to these illustrations is a listing of the kit’s features and suggested paint colors to use to finish the model., in four languages including English.

The other side panel has a short history of the HMMWV in the same 4 languages and another listing of what’s in the kit in 8 languages, including English.

Inside the box is 3 dark olive drab parts trees, 1 clear parts tree, the decal sheet and the instructions.

The instructions consist of a unstapled booklet of 12 pages, in 11 ¾” x 7 ¾” format.

Page 1 begins with a black and white repeat of the box art, followed by the history of the HMMWV in German and English.

Pages 2 and 3 has warnings, safety rules and cautions in 18 languages, including English.

Page 4 has “read before you start” instructions in the 18 languages.

Page 5 begins with international assembly symbol explanations and a list of suggested colors to use to decorate the model.

The top of page 6 has the parts tree drawings. These trees and the parts themselves are numbered. However, the trees are not alphabetized. Some parts are blacked out on these drawings as being surplus and not needed to complete the kit. The bottom of the page has the first 4 assembly step drawings. Colors are called out as needed in each drawing by using a pennant symbol with a letter in it. The letters correspond to the listings of paints on page 5, which will have to be refered to.

Pages 7 through the top of page 10 give a grand total of 25 assembly steps. The bottom half of the page gives a five-view for one of the 4 marking schemes, already mentioned above.

Page 11 gives the other 3 marking schemes, also as 5-views

Page 12 is blank.

The first dark olive drab parts tree holds: the frame, drive shaft, axles, differentials, steering linkages, shocks etc. (58 parts) 2 parts are blacked out on the instructions as being surplus.

The second dark olive drab parts tree holds: the cabin floor, hood fenders, body side panels, wheels, windshield frame etc. (21 parts) 2 parts are blacked out on the instructions as being surplus.

The third dark olive drab parts tree holds: the canvas roof parts, cargo bed stake sides, canvas door panels, etc. (21 parts)

The clear parts tree holds all the window transparancies. (7 parts) 2 of these are blacked out on the instruction sheet as being surplus.

I may be wrong, but it looks to me that perhaps the front wheels can be steered in this kit??

There is no engine provided to go under the hood. Perhaps some after-market company offers one of these? At any rate, the hood would have to be cut open to show one. There are no figures provided, nor any kind of a cargo load.

This looks like it will make up into a pretty nice model. People that know me well know that modern AFV’s are not my bag. My preferences run to mostly WWII stuff, with a few WWI ones thrown in for good measure. I am told that this is mostly an Italeri mold and that the HMMWV has been issued in several variations by either them or Revell of Germany.

One fellow on the internet mentioned “The M 1038 is a better deal than the M998 kit (No. 03013) by Revell of Germany. It comes with both the cargo cover and troop seats. It does not include the 3-holed bumper and brush guard of the M998 kit. Instead, it includes an antenna and mount as well as a recovery winch”.

The decal sheet came with a tissue to cover it’s face and protect it. However, this was loose and floating around the box. So, it was doing nothing to protect the print on the decal.

Recommended to modelers of modern vehicles.