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German Self-Propelled Gun Crew Vol. 2

Tristar 1/35 German Self-Propelled Gun Crew Vol. 2 Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Images by Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2008 Manufacturer Tristar
Subject German Self-propelled Gun Crew Vol. 2 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35007 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Neat set of German SP gun crew in good poses Cons Tree of field gear and personal weapons not illustrated on assembly instructions
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $18.00

First Look

German Self-propelled Gun Crew Vol. 2
German Self-propelled Gun Crew Vol. 2

This kit by Tristar (Hong Kong, China) comes in a end-opening type box.

The box art shows 5 ½ German Self-propelled gun crew figures. One figure is seated on a seat next to the main gun of a SP gun tank and aiming it, his hat is on backwards. The second figure is posed as seated and operating the elevation or traverse wheels on a SP gun tank. There are three standing figures. One of these is loading a round into the breech of a gun. The next one is holding what looks like a 88mm round and the third standing figure is looking trough a pair of binoculars. The sixth figure is really only half a figure, from the waist up and should be posed in an open hatch someplace. Their uniforms vary from field gray to light tan. All the figures are wearing side caps, except for the guy with his peaked field cap reversed on his head. Four and a half of the figures wear the double breasted jacket. The one holding the 88mm round wears the longer field jacket.

A side panel of the box shows the full color box arts for 3 other figure kits that Tristar markets: German Panzergrenadiers Vol. 1 (kit no. 004-four figures), German Panzergrenadiers Vol. 2 (kit no. 005-four figures) and German Officers, Field Session Set (kit no. 006-four figures). Next to these illustrations is Tristar’s street address, FAX number, E-mail address and URL. A blue label on another panel says that MRC ( Model Rectifier Corp.) in Edison, NJ-USA is the U.S. agent for Tristar. The kit is recommended for modelers over the age of 10. The box says that there are 6 figures in the kit. It should have said 5 ½ to be more accurate.

The back side of the box serves as the painting and assembly instructions. There is a two view of each figure, in full color, showing them from the front and the rear. It mentions that they are mostly designed to go either into models of the Nashorn or the Marder III Ausf. M. The turned brass rounds look to be one that is 88mm (what the Nashorn would take) and a 75mm Pak 40 round (that would go with the Marder III Ausf. M) There is a line drawing showing how a MP40 sub-machine pistol would be mounted inside a Nashorn and color illustrations of cap, shoulder and collar insignia that was found on German SP crew’s uniforms. Each illustration is labeled with the part numbers to assemble the individual figures and other labels indicating the colors to use. Under these illustrations is a Listing of Tamiya, Mr. Color, Humbrol and Mr. Metal Color brands of paints, suggested to use to paint the figures.

Inside the box is one large light tan parts tree, one medium sized light tan tree and 2 turned brass ammo rounds. Each is in it’s own individual sealed cello bag and all three of these bags are further packed into a large sealed cello. More than enough protection against parts friction between trees! Good move Tristar!

The largest parts tree holds the parts for all 5 ½ of the figures.

Figure A on this tree is the standing figure that is looking thru binoculars. He is molded full bodied, with his head and arms separate. There is a pistol in a holster to put on his belt, the binoculars and a small part to place behind his collar. The small part may be part of a radio microphone??? Although there are no wires mounted on him or microphone or earphones…so…who knows? On the assembly illustrations is an illustration of tank kill patches that could be painted onto his sleeve.

Figure B is the one loading a round into the breech of a gun. He is standing, and molded into separate torso, arms, legs, hands and head. He has an alternate left arm included.

Figure C is the seated figure that is posed turning the traverse and elevation wheels of a gun. He is divided into separate torso, arms, legs and head. There is a pistol in a holster for him to wear on his belt.

Figure D is the ½ figure. He is molded with his torso from the lower waist up, separate left arm (his right is molded to him) a head with side cap and an alternate head with a peaked field cap.

Figure E is the other seated figure that is aiming the gun and wearing his peaked field cap reversed on his head. He is divided into separate torso, arms, hands, legs, head and the field cap. The cap could be turned around and facing front if desired. There is a pistol in holster for him too.

The last figure, labeled F is the one standing and holding a gun round. He is molded full bodied, with separate arms and two alternate heads. One head wears the side cap and the other a peaked field cap (cap is separate). His left hand is a separate part too. (43 parts on this largest light tan tree).

The medium sized light tan parts tree holds: 3 x 98K rifles with three separate bolts sections (3 are closed bolts and one is open for loading), 4 x mess kits, a pair of binoculars, a P38 pistol, 4 x steel helmets, 3 MP40 sub-machine guns, 4 x gas mask canisters and a folded ground bipod (what the bipod is for is beyond me??). None of this field equipment is shown on the assembly steps. You will have to wing-it, as to where you want it to go on these figures. (there are 25 parts on this tree)

The single large turned brass ammo round (88mm) and the single smaller (75mm) ammo round completes the kit’s contents.