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UM 1/72 Vickers Model E Single Turret Tank Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review August 2010 Manufacturer UM
Subject Vickers Model E Single Turret Tank Scale 1/72
Kit Number 0619 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Simple build, nice details Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $12.80

First Look


The Vickers 6-ton Tank or Vickers Mark E was a British light tank designed as a private project at Vickers. It was not purchased by the British Army, but was picked up by a large number of foreign armed forces and was copied almost exactly by the Soviets as the T-26.

The single turreted Vickers Model E, version B was developed in the UK during 1928-29 by Vickers Armstrong. It was armed with a 47mm gun and called a fire support tank. It was intended to deal with enemy firing positions. The tank hull was riveted with sheets of armor (8 to 13mm thick). The tank was powered by a 4-cylinder engine of 80 h.p. It was fairly inexpensive, which was a deciding factor for export to "Second World Countries". 10 countries purchased this version and some countries used the chassis to develop their more sophisticated versions. These tanks participated in a number of conflicts and stayed active into the 1960's.

Soviet Union was the first buyer of Mk. E tanks. In 1931, they bought 15 twin-turreted type A's and a license. The Soviets next started building and developing their own improved tanks called the T-26 and about 12,000 of these were made.

UM is a model company based in the Ukraine. This kit comes in an end-opening type box. The boxart shows a Model E (version B) raising a cloud of dust in a clearing in the forest. Way in the background is a column of these tanks. It is shown unmarked and with a crewman standing in the turret hatch. The box says that the kit contains "7 plates of 180 parts, plastic tracks" I counted 214 parts. By plates they mean sprues and the 2 brass PE frets. The back of the box has the painting instructions (calling out Humbrol brand of paints) and the history of the tank in 4 languages: Ukrainian, English, German and Russian. A side panel gives 3 internet contacts for UM contact and says the kit is for models 14 and older.

Inside the box are 3 dark olive green parts trees, 2 silver parts trees and 2 brass PE frets.

The largest green tree holds: the hull bottom, sides, rear, top and roof , fenders, exhaust pipe etc. (24 parts) This tree is marked as 314, which is UM’s kit of the Soviet T-26 with the A-43 turret.

The medium sized green tree holds: bogies, road wheels, return rollers, idler wheels etc. (78 parts) This tree is marked as 217, which is UM’s T-26 Soviet Light Tank.

The small sized green tree is unique to the Mk. E type B only and holds the single turret top, bottom, main gun and machine gun. The hatch is molded in solid. (4 parts)

The 2 identical silver trees hold link and length type tracks. It is most likely also a common tree to several boxings of the Vickers and T-26’s by UM. (25 parts per tree)

There are 2 brass PE frets. One holds: engine air intake screen, riveted armor plate to wrap around the turret sides etc. (17 parts) The second fret holds drive sprocket teeth, straps etc. (20 parts)

There are no decals in the kit. And no markings are called out in the painting guide drawings. If marking this tank for one of the various countries that bought and used it, check your references for any markings to add.

My kit came with no instructions in the box. A call for help, that I put on several modeling site forums came to nothing. However, Hobby Terra shop came to my rescue. They opened another of this kit and scanned the instructions and sent them to me. Thank you Hobby Terra.

The instructions cover 4 pages. The first page gives the history of the Vickers Mk. E type B in 4 languages including English.

Page 2 begins with parts tree illustrations and the first 8 assembly step drawings.

Page 3 begins with international assembly symbol explanations followed by assembly steps 9 through 15.

Page 4 gives the last two assembly steps, no. 16 – 17 followed by a 3-view illustration to used for painting the model. Colors are called out in the Humbrol brand of paints.

This kit looks like it will make up very nicely

My sincere thanks to for this review sample!