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Sentimental Journey

Zotz 1/3 Sentimental Journey Kit First Look

By Eli Raphael

Date of Review February 2007 Manufacturer Zotz
Subject Sentimental Journey Scale 1/3
Kit Number - Primary Media Resin
Pros Nice casting Cons  
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) Out of Production

First Look

Before opening my decal production line, I used to do resin figures. Due to the Orient’s piracy practice, my company suffered, and it was forced to close.

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with aircraft nose art. I then had the idea of why not producing a resin bust depicting Alberto Vargas WWII era famous “Sentimental Journey” in 3D form. I decided to make a big bust of her and settled with 1/3 scale. Sculpting her, by Alex Lopez, took around one month. Then, it was sent to the USA to be pressure cast. Some 40 busts were done and they were returned to Mexico for final boxing and distribution. I ended with only one left and kept it for myself.

After a gentle warm soapy wash to eliminate mold release lubricant, the seam lines were filed and any imperfections were filled with Acryl Blue by 3M. Krylon white primer was applied checking that she was smooth and blemish free. I always try to use white primer, it gives human skin a nice true color.

Sentimental Journey SJ

Out come my trusted Tamiya acrylics.

A light red brown with some drops of clear green coat was applied, especially where the shadows naturally fall. If you look at your skin, there will always be a green subtle shade due to surface veins. Then a lighter shade was made using red brown + flesh, saving a little for later use. This coat was generally applied being careful not to cover your shadows. The same color combination was then used but adding white and very little clear red. This combo was used on cheeks, nose, forehead, top of breasts, elbows, knuckles etc. just where the light would hit the body and skin closest to the bone making her more blushed.

When finished, I return to my red brown + flesh mix that is heavily diluted with acrylic thinner and a general mist was applied to tie everything together. After dry, it was sealed with Dullcoat.

Sentimental Journey Mascara and eyebrows were painted with dark brown oils and later a lighter shade with terracotta was used to bring them out. Lips were done again with different shades of oil reds. Why oils? They go on smooth, you have the chance to wipe them up if you make a mistake and they are great when trying to achieve light and shadow.

The cheeks were next and out came my soft pastels, grinding them with sandpaper, thus obtaining fine powder. They are then applied stealing a soft sponge from my wife’s cache! The eye shadows were also treated with pastels.

Dullcoating everything when satisfied, Tamiya’s clear was later applied to the lips.

The flower was then painted resembling an azalea that I have growing at home. The hair was next, using red brown + orange and clear orange. Highlights were brought out, using my trusted Paasche H airbrush and dry brushing using pure orange. Finally, her ribbon was painted semi-gloss black + Liquitex satin and dark grey for highlights.

I then wondered which was the best way to show her in her natural element and decided to paint with Testor’s metalizer a P-47 front fuselage. Afterwards, a Photoshop composition was made to make her look “painted on” the Jug.