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120mm Heavy Mortar

Zvezda 1/35 German 120mm Heavy Mortar SGrW42 With Ammo Trailer & Crew Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review February 2008 Manufacturer Zvezda
Subject German 120mm Heavy Mortar SGrW42 With Ammo Trailer & Crew Scale 1/35
Kit Number 3583 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Neat subject. What’s in box is an instant diorama. Bonus of a second ammo trailer Cons None noticeable
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $19.98

First Look

Mortar Kit
Mortar Kit
Mortar Kit

The German sGrW42 heavy mortar was a development of the Soviet 120mm mortar that was captured at one of the defense plants in Kharkov. The Germans conducted extensive examination of the mortar and were impressed with it’s firing capabilities. The sGrW42 was put into production in 1943 and was used by the Germans until the end of WWII.

The kit comes in a very sturdy tray and lid type box. The box art shows the four-man crew manning the mortar. One figures is loading a shell into the mortar. Another figure is aiming it. The third figure is dragging a crate of ammo to the mortar. The last figure is on a field telephone and shouting orders to the gun crew. In the background is a 2-wheeled ammo trailer. A side panel of the box gives a short history of the weapon in 6 languages, including English. Another side panel gives Zvezda’s address, a notice that the kit is no suitable for children under 3 and it is aimed at ages 10 and above. There is a listing of Model Master paints suggested to use for decorating the kit.

Zvezda is a model company based in Moscow, Russia. It is the largest scale-model kit manufacturer in Russia. Their products encompass many different scales and time periods.

Inside the box is 4 loose medium gray trees of parts. None are cello bagged. The instructions and a sheet that has “Important information concerning this kit” and Zvezda’s address in Moscow in no less than 20 languages, including English.

The instructions consist of a single sheet that is folded in the center into 4 pages.

Page one of the instructions begins with a black and white repeat of the box art, followed by a one paragraph history of the mortar in 6 languages, including English and the parts tree illustrations.

Page two begins with “Attention – Useful Advice” in 5 languages, followed by 4 assembly steps for the 2-wheeled cart for the mortar. Below this is 2 un-numbered assembly steps for 2 of the crew figures.

Page three has steps 5 through 8 for the mortar, either on it’s base plate or the cart, and the body of the ammo trailer and the assembly of the mortar rounds. The bottom of this page has 2 more un-numbered assembly steps for the other 2 crew figures.

Page four begins with steps 9 though 12, which is assembling the wheels and some doors on the ammo trailer and assembly of 2 wood ammo crates. The bottom of the page has illustrations of a figure and the ammo trailer and the mortar, calling out the colors to paint all with Model Master brand paints.

The largest medium gray parts tree in the kit is letter A tree. It holds the parts for all four of the figures. They are divided into separate torsos, legs, arms and heads. Their personal equipment is also on this tree. You get 4 steel helmets, 4 x gas mask canisters, 4 x shovels, 1 x pistol in holster, 4 x 98K rifles, 4 x canteens, 4 x mess kits, 6 x ammo pouches for the 98K’s, 4 x bread bags and a pair of binoculars. (59 parts)

There are 2 identical letter B parts trees. This is unexpected, because these are all the parts to make up the ammo trailer and the mortar rounds. I would not have expected 2 trailers in the kit, but it is a welcome surprise. (32 parts per tree)

The final tree has no letter designation and holds the parts for the 2-wheel cart for the mortar, wood ammo crates, a couple of mortar rounds and some tools. The spokes on the wheels are beautifully molded (46 parts)

This is one neat Soviet WWII subject and an instant diorama. Parts are flash free and very nicely detailed. Highly recommended.