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German Reconnaissance Team 1939-1942

Zvezda 1/72 German Reconnaissance Team 1939-1942 Kit First Look

By Ray Mehlberger

Date of Review March 2012 Manufacturer Zvezda
Subject German Reconnaissance Team 1939-1942 Scale 1/72
Kit Number 6153 Primary Media 80 parts in olive styrene
Pros Inexpensive nice figure set Cons No painting instructions
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $5.98

First Look

Zvezda is a model company based in Moscow, Russia.

The kit comes in a shrink-wrapped end opening type box, that is very small at 5 ¾” x 4 ¾”.

The box art is in Russian and English. It shows a 4-man German reconnaissance team next to the door of a bombed out brick building.

Two of the soldiers are prone. One is armed with a MP40 sub machine gun and is pointing . He wears a steel helmet, ammo pouches and a canteen. The second prone soldier, next to him, is looking through binoculars in the direction the other guy is pointing to. He is bare headed. He is also armed with a MP40 and has a pistol holster and canteen.

Behind these two are two more soldiers. One is kneeling on one knee and operates a field radio. He is bare headed and wearing ear phones. He also is armed with a MP40 and has ammo pouches and a canteen. Next to him is the 4th soldier who is kneeling and writing in a tablet. He wears a steel helmet and has a canteen. All four wear field gray uniforms and jack boots.

6153Mention is made that the kit is a snap fit type.

The back of the box has tiny full color photos of the team made up on their base plates. A UNIT CARD illustration is shown. This card is used for the wargaming game called Art of Tactic. It is said here that the kit contains 22 parts and is easy to glue and paint. It contains the figures, one unit base and a flag. This is all in Russian and English.

A side-panel shows full color box arts of other wargaming kits that Zvezda markets: Kit no. 6104 of a Soviet Maxim machine gun crew 1941-1943, Kit no. 6105 of German Infantry 1039-1942 and Kit no. 6106 of a German MG-34 machine gun crew 1939-1942.

The other side-panel gives a copyright date of 2011, Zvezda’s street address in Austria and Moscow, Russia and their e-mail address in Russian and English.

Inside the box is a single dark gray tree of parts , the instructions and that UNIT CARD for wargaming play.

The instructions consist of a 5 ¾” x 8 ¼” sheet printed on both sides. The face side tells about the wargaming game in Russian, English and German. It says:

“This set and appended card are included in expandable game system Art of Tactic “Operation Barbarossa 1941”. The system consists of many different sets of vehicles, figures and airplanes. “Operation Barbarossa 1941” is a starter for the game; there you can find detailed rules, game boards, additional game accessories and different scenarios. You can increase your army, play scenarios and improve your tactic skills. Game system is being expanded; new scenerios and boards are being published. You can find full details about “Art of Tactic” game systems on and”

The other side of the sheet has exploded drawings for assembly of the set. All four figures are divided into full bodies with one leg attached, one separate leg and separate arms. These soldiers can be assembled onto their own individual base plates or all onto the large base plate. The field radio completes the set. No color guide is included and you will just have to wing it using the box art.

The detail on these figures is quite good, especially their faces.

All the kit’s contents are loose and not cello bagged.

Highly recommended to wargamers and modelers. This kit is very reasonably priced.

My sincere thanks to Dragon Models USA for this review sample!