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AK Interactive AK 2000 Aircraft Engine Effects

AK Interactive Aircraft Engine Effects Paint Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2014 - Updated April 2018 Manufacturer AK Interactive
Subject Aircraft Engine Effects Product Number AK 2000
Pros Tailored weathering for aircraft subjects Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $19.99

First Look

AK Interactive has been producing a very wide range of paints and weathering products over the last several years targeted to the armored fighting vehicle modelers. What you see here is one of the first releases being targeted to the aircraft modeler, and here is one that applies to all aircraft, the typical engine grit and grime.

AK Interactive AK 2000 Aircraft Engine Effects

This set contains three 35ml bottles of washes. The colors in this set include:

  • Aircraft Engine Oil
  • Aircraft Engine Wash
  • Kerosene Leaks and Stains

This three-wash set is useful to any powered aircraft project. All engines use oil, though radial engines are notorious for leaking oil. If you walked out to an aircraft that doesn't have a puddle of oil on the ramp under the engine, call maintenance because the engine is out of oil. The oil wash allows you to replicate the light oil slime that flows under the fuselage as the leaked oil that pooled in the cowling is blown out while in flight. The Kerosene wash and stains is good for jet fuel as well as hydraulic stains/leaks. The Engine/Turbine Wash is handy to help the details on your jet or piston engine pop when this wash is applied.

The MSRP in the US for this set is $19.99 or over $6.00 USD per bottle though I've seen some shops charge more for the same set. You can order this set directly from AK Interactive's website for €10.50 (about $14.25 USD) or under $5.00 USD per bottle (plus shipping).

UPDATE: I've used these products on a number of builds with good results, but because they are enamel-based, they do have one problem you that you should know - shelf life. I am discovering that some products have better shelf life than others, for example, I have the original ALCLAD (Alclad I) bottles still in my drawer from 20 years ago and they are still viable. I ordered some metalizer colors from another company (now out of buisness) and their packaging was defective leaving the metalizers completely dried out after a few weeks. We'll look at the various products that have been here a while to see how they are holding up.

In the case of these engine effects, all three had evaporated down into goo at the bottom of the bottles, even though one of the bottles had still had the original seal intact. I tried to thin the engine oil down to a fluid state to no avail. They're all off my list and off my bench now. Don't get me wrong, if you're going to use these products completely in a year or so, they are good for their intended purpose. If you keep special effects weathering around for the occasional project, you might wish to consider other options. In my case, I had set of the ComArt weathering acrylics that had arrived at the same time as these AK products, and I was able to finish my model with no problems. There are 10 different effects in the package and these have excellent shelf life as well as performance. I won't need any other brands for weathering effects after that. You can see that project here.

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review sample!


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