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AK Interactive AK 2037 Exhaust Stains Weathering Set

AK Interactive Exhaust Stains Weathering Set Paint Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2014 Manufacturer AK Interactive
Subject Exhaust Stains Weathering Set Product Number AK 2037
Pros Great resource for recreating a variety of engine exhaust burns/discolorations Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $34.99

First Look

AK Interactive has been producing a very wide range of paints and weathering products over the last several years targeted to the armored fighting vehicle and figure modelers. As part of their recent push into the aircraft modeling world, they've released this weathering set targeted specifically to aircraft engine exhausts (though you can use these on other subjects as well).

AK Interactive AK 2037 Exhaust Stains Weathering Set

This set contains five 35ml bottles of pigment or wash. The colors in this set include:

  • Smoke
  • Exhaust Wash
  • Burnt Jet Engine
  • Dark Rust
  • Ocher Rust

These pigments and wash are applied to your piston or turbine-powered aircraft after painting and decaling are completed so that you're weathing the completed model making it more realistic. The washes can be applied with a paint brush and after drying, you can clean any excess with their odorless enamel thinner or white spirit.

If you remember using pastels, pigments are similar but their colors are consistent on any surface and can be mixed in different ways to achieve effects from a light dusting to heavy mud. On aircraft you can achieve those subtle (or not-so-subtle) wear effects that happen when paint and metal are exposed to continuous heat and petroleum fumes. There are a wealth of how-to videos for using these pigments and washes on YouTube to get you started.

The MSRP in the US for this set is $34.99 or over $6.00 USD per bottle though I've seen some shops charge more for the same set. You can order this set directly from AK Interactive's website for €17.50 (about $23.70 USD) or under $5.00 USD per bottle (plus shipping).

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review sample!


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