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AK Interactive AK 3070 US Army Soldier Uniform Colors

AK Interactive US Army Soldier Uniform Colors Paint Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2015 Manufacturer AK Interactive
Subject US Army Soldier Uniform Colors Product Number AK 3070
Pros Brush paint right out of the bottle Cons Price (see text)
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $29.99

First Look

AK Interactive has been producing a very wide range of paints and weathering products over the last several years targeted to the armored fighting vehicle and figure modelers. Here is a revision of one of those sets with six colors targeted for lighter skin toned subjects.

AK Interactive AK 3070 US Army Soldier Uniform Colors

This set contains six 17ml bottles of paint with a variety of uniform colors, many of which can be found on the same soldier. The colors in this set include:

  • AK3071 M43 Uniform Green Olive
  • AK3072 M42 Uniform Green Ochre Khaki
  • AK3073 Red Brown Leather
  • AK3074 US Olive Drab
  • AK3075 US Field Drab
  • AK3076 Canvas Tone
Color AKI Color Closest Match
M43 Uniform Green Olive FS 24052 Marine Green #23
M42 Uniform Green Ochre Khaki FS 33440 Green Gold Stain
Red Brown Leather BSC 435 Camouflage Red
US Olive Drab FS 33070 Olive Drab Camo / RAL 7013
US Field Drab FS 30145 Butternut Stain
Canvas Tone N/A

The formulation of this set is a thicker viscosity tailored for good coverage using a paint brush though it can be airbrushed, if desired, using thinner. What is nice about a set like this is that this supply will likely paint a company or more of scale soldiers before you need to think about obtaining replacements.

The MSRP in the US for this set is $29.99 or around $5.00 USD per bottle. Be aware that there are a few online retailers in the US charging $35.00 or more for this same set, so please shop around.

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review sample!


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