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AK Interactive AK 688 Basic Weathering Set

AK Interactive Basic Weathering Set Paint Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2015 Manufacturer AK Interactive
Subject Basic Weathering Set Product Number AK 688
Pros Great set for starting out with basic weathering Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (Euro) 10,50€

First Look

AK Interactive has been producing a very wide range of paints and weathering products over the last several years targeted to the armored fighting vehicle and figure modelers. In this release, we have the three best products for getting started in basic weathering. You've seen some impressive if not sometimes oppressive weathering effects on models. Weathering, like painting and scale modeling is an art form as much as it is a science. Regardless of the degree of weathering you elect to render on a particular modeling subject, there are two areas of weathering that are common to all scale modeling.

AK Interactive AK 688 Basic Weathering Set

This set contains three 35ml bottles which include:

  • AK049 Odorless Thinner
  • AK088 Worn Effects Acrylic Fluid
  • AK677 Neutral Grey Wash

Whether you're modeling aircraft, armor, robots, cars, figures, whatever, most of these subjects have paint applied to them and unless you're modeling a brand new subject, many of these subjects will experience paint chipping and/or scuffing on the painted surfaces. Simply paint the color of the material that would be underneath a coat of paint, say a bare metal or primer color, then apply a coat of Worn Effects fluid, then a coat of your subject's base color. Using a damp paint brush on selected points of the model's surface will allow the upper coat to wear through to the undercoat simulating paint chips, paint wear, or scuffing.

Most subjects have panel lines, door/panel seams, etc., and these details can get lost after painting. If you apply a coat of Future over the model, you can use the Neutral Grey wash to flow along the panel lines and bring out those details without the bold definition you'd have using a black wash. You can use the odorless thinner to remove any excess wash.

Using these two techniques will bring out more detail and fidelity in your modeling and adding other weathering effects will help you develop your own story for each modeling subject.

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review sample!


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