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AK Interactive AK MC801 US Modern Vehicles Colors

Meng/AK Interactive US Modern Vehicles Colors Paint Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2016 Manufacturer AK Interactive
Subject US Modern Vehicles Colors Product Number AK MC801
Pros Brush paint right out of the bottle Cons Price (see text)
Skill Level Basic MSRP (Euro) 14.00€

First Look

AK Interactive has been producing a very wide range of paints and weathering products over the last several years targeted to the armored fighting vehicle and figure modelers. In a new partnership with Meng Models, AK Interactive is producing paint sets tailored for some of Meng's current or upcoming kits. In this set we have six paints found on US combat vehicles operating in the 'sandbox'.

AK Interactive AK MC801 US Modern Vehicles Colors

This set contains six 17ml bottles of paint which include:

  • MC201 US Desert Sand
  • MC202 Rubber Black
  • MC203 Olive Green
  • MC204 Light Grayish Green
  • MC251 US Desert Tan Shadow
  • MC252 US Desert Tan Light

While the title says 'US Modern Vehicles', this set applied only to desert-camouflaged vehicles that were found in Iraq, Afghanistan, and out on US desert training ranges. These colors include the base color of Desert Sand with light and dark modulations with the tan light and shadow colors. The rubber black will help with track and wheels, the grayish green is the interior colors of many APCs like the M113, Bradley, and the up-armored Humvees, while the olive green will take care of ammo cans and items installed out of stock before repainting like CROWS II and rigid VHF antennas.

If you're looking for a nearly complete set of colors for your next Abrams, Bradley, MRAP, or Humvee project, this set is a great asset. Hopefully Meng/AK Interactive will release a similar set for US Modern Vehicles stationed in NATO and Korea.

My sincere thanks to AK Interactive for this review sample!


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