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Alclad II Black and White Primer and Microfiller

Alclad II Black and White Primer and Microfiller Paint First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2010 Manufacturer Alclad II
Subject Black and White Primer and Microfiller Product Number -
Pros Fills small surface imperfections to make metalizing easier Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) TBA

First Look

I've been using Alclad's Gray Primer and Microfiller since it was first introduced four years ago and love the results. The microfiller airbrushes nicely with the gray primer and it does indeed tackle those small imperfections in a model's surface that would stand out after a coat of metalizer is applied.

Alclad also released a black primer that is great for creating those high reflectance surfaces like chrome. Until now, you had to use the gray primer to take out the imperfections before shooting the black primer. That extra step is gone.

Alclad is releasing two new primers, both with microfillers in the solution, one black which now speeds up the metalizing and surface filling steps, and one white which provides a glossy white surface for those more subdued metal shades. Both airbrush nicely and can be layered to achieve that essential glassy smooth surface.

I will be putting this to work soon and I'm looking forward to some interesting possibilities for metal shade control using combinations of the white, black, and the classic primer gray filler/primers.

My sincere thanks to Alclad II for these review samples!


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