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French Aircraft Pre-1945 Colourcoats

White Ensign Models' French Aircraft Pre-1945 Colourcoats Paint First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2007 Manufacturer White Ensign Models
Subject French Aircraft Pre-1945 Colourcoats Primary Media Enamel
Pros All matched to the samples given in the publication "Armee de L'Air Aeronavale, Nuancier des Coluleurs de L'Aviation Francaise 1900-1945" Cons Not available as acrylics
Skill Level Basic MSRP (BP) £1.32 per tin

First Look

The folks at White Ensign Models haven't been resting. They've just added a new line of aircraft paints reflecting the colors used by the French aircraft industry and Air Force prior to 1945.

For this project, White Ensign Models used the color chips in the historical reference "Armee de L'Air Aeronavale, Nuancier des Coluleurs de L'Aviation Francaise 1900-1945" to bring these colors to French aircraft modelers. The current colors in the range include:

French Aircraft Pre-1945 Colourcoats
  • ACF01 - Vert Moyen (Medium Green)
  • ACF02 - Vert Fonce (Ivy Green)
  • ACF03 - Terre D'Ombe Nat. (Raw Earth)
  • ACF04 - Chocolat (Burnt Sienna)
  • ACF05 - Gris Fonce (Dark Gray-Blue)
  • ACF06 - Ombre Calcinee (Dark Earth)
  • ACF07 - Kaki (Dark Olive Drab)
  • ACF08 - Vert (Green)
  • ACF09 - Gris Bleu Clair (Sky Gray)
  • ACF10 - Gris Bleu Ciel (Sky Blue)
  • ACF11 - Chamois (Interior Protective Coating)
  • ACF12 - Bleu Fonce (Cockpit Interior Dark Blue)

These colors will be a great help in getting the look of your next French fighter or bomber project just right.

You can purchase any of these Colourcoats line directly from the White Ensign Models website ( My sincere thanks to John & Caroline Snyder at White Ensign Models for these review samples.


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