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RA Colourcoats

White Ensign Models' WWII Regia Aeronautica Colourcoats Paint First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2007 Manufacturer White Ensign Models
Subject WWII Regia Aeronautica Colourcoats Primary Media Enamel
Pros Color matched to Regia Aeronautica paint chips Cons Not available as acrylics
Skill Level Basic MSRP (BP) £1.32 per tin

First Look

In past reviews, we've looked at the growing line of White Ensign Models' Colourcoats color-matched enamels that are produced in Humrol/Xtracolor styled tins. In this installment, we'll look at their line of ship colors that are color-matched to the Snyder & Short Regia Aeronautica paint chips.

The true test is to compare the colors against actual paint chips. As I've mentioned before, Snyder & Short produced a set of chips that covered the Regia Aeronautica of WWII. Since White Ensign Models applies the colors contained in the tins to their lids, it was a simple task to set each color against its corresponding paint chip to see how well they match. As you can see in this photograph (and to no great surprise), they match nicely.

In their Regia Aeronautica line of matched colors:

  • RA01 - Giallo Mimetico 1
  • RA02 - Giallo Mimetico 2
  • RA03 - Giallo Mimetico 3
  • RA04 - Giallo Mimetico 4
  • RA05 - Verde Mimetico 1
  • RA06 - Verde Mimetico 2
  • RA07 - Verde Mimetico 3
  • RA08 - Verde Mimetico 53192
  • RA09 - Verde Oliva Scuro 2
  • RA10 - Nocciola Chiaro
  • RA11 - Marrone Mimetico 1
  • RA12 - Marrone Mimetico 2
  • RA13 - Bruno Mimetico
  • RA14 - Grigio Mimetico
  • RA15 - Grigio Azzuro Chiaro
  • RA16 - Grigio Azzuro Scuro
  • RA17 - Bianco Avorio
  • RA18 - Alluminio

Not a bad variety of colors and this line-up is still growing. Stand by for more good things from White Ensign Models! What's nice about these tins is that their shelf life is generally longer.

You can purchase these and any of the Colourcoat line directly from the White Ensign Models website. They have great service and are a unique resource for the ship modeler - give them a try!

My sincere thanks to White Ensign Models for these review samples!


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