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RLM Colourcoats

White Ensign Models' WWII Luftwaffe Colourcoats Paint First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review August 2007 Manufacturer White Ensign Models
Subject WWII Luftwaffe Colourcoats Primary Media Enamel
Pros Color matched to RLM chips Cons Not available as acrylics
Skill Level Basic MSRP (BP) £1.32 per tin

First Look

Previously, we had looked at White Ensign Models' USN ship colors and some of their aircraft paint lines. In this installment, we'll look at their great line-up of color-matched RLM colors for your WW2 Luftwaffe projects. As we've mentioned before, Colourcoats is a line of enamels that are stored in the Humbrol/Xtrcolor-type paint tins.

If you haven't used tins, you'll note that many of your bottled paints have a limited shelf life, especially after they're opened. These tins seem to preserve the paint indefinitely, even after they've been opened.

In the Luftwaffe RLM series, Colourcoats have the following colors available:

    RLM Colourcoats
  • ACLW01 - Dunkelgrun RLM83
  • ACLW02 - Schwarzgrun RLM70
  • ACLW03 - Hellblau RLM65
  • ACLW04 - Grun RLM72
  • ACLW05 - Grun RLM73
  • ACLW06 - Braunviolett RLM81
  • ACLW07 - Hellgrau L40/52
  • ACLW08 - Dunkelbraun RLM61
  • ACLW09 - Grun RLM62
  • ACLW10 - Hellgrau RLM63
  • ACLW11 - Dunkelgrun RLM71
  • ACLW12 - RLM Grau RLM02
  • ACLW13 - Dunkelgrau RLM74
  • ACLW14 - Mittelgrau RLM75
  • ACLW15 - Lichtblau RLM76
  • ACLW16 - Schwarzgrau RLM66
  • ACLW17 - Hellblau RLM78
  • ACLW18 - Sandgelb RLM79
  • ACLW19 - Olivgrun RLM80
  • ACLW20 - Hellgrun RLM82
  • ACLW21 - Gelb RLM04

RLM ColourcoatsIf you were paying attention, we had this list of Luftwaffe colors listed in that earlier article, but what is noteworthy is that two new colors have been added to the line since that article, showing that White Ensign Models is continuing to expand their line.

So how do these colors stack up? I consulted the ultimate RLM color source, my handy Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935 - 1945. As those of you who also have copies of this fine reference know, the authors made a point of showing the variance that appeared in the color for any given RLM number. However, within the examples that the authors were able to recreate with paint chips, we contrast the Colourcoats for your examination.

RLM ColourcoatsIn the first photo is taken from page 35 of the book and show a spot-on match for all of the colors except for the bottom center example - RLM 82. Interestingly enough, this paint matches exactly with the first of three other RLM 82 paint chips found on page 37, illustrating the point of color variance nicely.

The second photo is from page 83 of the book looking at late-war colors. Once again, for those colors that are available, they nicely match the paint chips in the Monogram book. Would you expect anything else from the naval paint chip guru John Snyder?

You can purchase these and any of the Colourcoat line directly from the White Ensign Models website. They have great service and are a unique resource for the ship modeler - give them a try!

My sincere thanks to White Ensign Models for these review samples!


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