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Kaman HH-43 Huskie Modeler's Quick Reference Guide

Kaman HH-43 Huskie Modeler's Quick Reference Guide Book Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2009 Title Kaman HH-43B/F Huskie Modeler's Quick Reference Guide
Author Michael Benolkin Publisher TacAir Publications
Published 2009 ISBN -
Format 60 pages, CD-ROM (Adobe PDF) MSRP (USD) $19.95


Book Review
Book Review
Book Review

When I started TacAir Publications in the late 1990s, its goal was to provide AMS modelers with useful references to make their quest for perfection a little easier. The first photo reference guide was this one for the HH-43 Huskie. At that time, Testors released the old Hawk 1/32 HH-43 kit that had long disappeared into collectors' stashes. At last we had an inexpensive kit ($9.00 USD) to work with. Cobra Company even released a super detail set for the kit, how cool was that?

With an inexpensive kit and a fantastic detail set, what more could you want? Oh, no references out there? That could be a problem. TacAir Publications to the rescue.

I had photographed the recently (then) refurbished HH-43 on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum, which has since had its windows painted over to protect the interior from the sun. I had posted some of these photos online for other modelers to enjoy, but from all of the requests I'd received for higher resolution shots, it was time to put together a color reference. In addition to the photo walk around of the aircraft, I also extracted the USAF TO 1-1-4 painting instructions for the aircraft as well as a reference list of aircraft serial numbers.

Since this title was released in 1998, there has been only one other title that covers the HH-43, the Kaman H-43 by Wayne Mutza reviewed here. It has excellent coverage of the aircraft's history and operations, but virtually no photography of the aircraft in detail.

When we released the first version of this title (#8001), it had 20 pages with 24 nice color photos printed two per page. The next version (#8002) had been updated with 31 color photos and two black and white photos. There were also three pages of diagrams outlining the fire suppression equipment slung under the USAF Huskie.

The title has been updated with new photos from several other HH-43s on display to provide clearer shots of the instrument panel and other key details. Photos of the Fire Suppression Kit were also added. Now we also have excerpts from the pilot's manual to illustrate the instrument panel and consoles, safety markings, and servicing stenciling.

This new version has grown to 60 pages and to keep the costs low, we now publish this on CD-ROM as an Adobe Acrobat file (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded on your computer). You can print high resolution pages (or the whole title) on your own printer to help you through your next Huskie project.

Stop by TacAir Publications to see what else is new and you can stop by our eBay store to order a copy of this useful reference. The price includes free shipping with the US and $5.00 flat rate shipping for the rest of the globe.