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Micro-Chisel 1mm Replacement Tip Set

Mission Models' Micro-Chisel 1mm Replacement Tip Set First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look July 2006 Manufacturer Mission Models
Subject Micro-Chisel 1mm Replacement Tip Set Item Number MM10
Pros Great little tool for removing raised details without harming the surrounding surface Cons
MSRP (USD) Out of Production


Mission Models has an interesting tool line that turns out specialized items for the modeler. The Micro-Chisel is definitely one of them!

This tool is about the size of an X-Acto knife and is solid steel. Near the tip is a foam grip that provides a very comfortable hold point for your fingers.

While these tips in this tool are well-machined and come quite sharp, like an X-Acto knife blade, they will dull with use. Once they lose their edge, you might as well use a jeweler's screw driver to remove those raised details and then plan on lots of clean-up work to remove the resulting scars.

The reality is once you get the hang of this tool and get it into the routine of your projects, you'll have to replace the tip when it wears. The basic Micro-Chisel comes with a 2mm wide tip, and replacement 2mm tips are available. What's more, Mission Models has also produced a 1mm wide tip set as well!

Micro-Chisel 1mm Replacement Tip SetWhy 1mm? If you are removing selected details in confined areas, even 2mm may be too large for the job. This replacement set provides two 1mm flat tips and a single 1mm round tip.

Round tip? Aircraft and armor modelers know all-too-well that not all corners are perfectly squared. Either a fairing or welding or some other manufacturing technique will round the corner where you'll need a round-tipped tool to get into those areas without creating collateral damage. Nice touch Mission Models!

In addition, each replacement chisel tip set comes with the all-important allen wrench and replacement allen screw to allow for wear and tear on your tool to keep it in good operating order.

My sincere thanks to Mission Models for this review sample!


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