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Precision Glue Tips

Mission Models' Precision Glue Tips First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look July 2006 Manufacturer Mission Models
Subject Precision Glue Tips Item Number MM13
Pros Greater control of glue application, especially for those tiny photo-etch parts Cons
MSRP (USD) Out of Production


Precision Glue TipsMission Models has an interesting tool line that turns out specialized items for the modeler. The Precision Glue Tips is another one of them!

Six needle tips are included in each set, each tip made from thin metal tubing. The tips on the blue adaptors are 25 gauge whilst the gray adaptors have 27 gauge.

The advantage of these tips over the flexible nylon tips are:

  • Metal tips will not bend or flex - the glue will go exactly where you place it
  • Two different diameters will allow for better control of cements and cyano adhesives of different viscosities (thicknesses)
  • Like the nylon tips, these can be trimmed to meet the mission need
  • Unlike the nylon tips, these can be bent with precision to get into hard-to-reach spots

As the instructions also indicate, you can recycle these tips once they've fouled with dried cyano into gun barrels or other details on your project.

While the average modeler may not see the difference between the nylon and metal tips, the advanced modeler who has spent a small fortune on Aber, Eduard, WEM, etc., photo-etch sets to detail their masterpiece will not want to drown their small parts in blobs of cyano, nor will they want to have glue goobers appear on unintended parts of the model that will need repair and repainting.

My sincere thanks to Mission Models for this review sample!


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