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Panel Scriber Tip Set

Mission Models' Panel Scriber Tip Set First-Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of First Look July 2006 Manufacturer Mission Models
Subject Panel Scriber Tip Set Item Number MM12
Pros More versatility for the Micro-Chisel handle! Fine panel lines can be cut. Cons
MSRP (USD) Out of Production


Mission Models has an interesting tool line that turns out specialized items for the modeler. The Panel Scriber Tip Set is another one of them!

These tips fit into the Micro-Chisel handle ( reviewed here) and turn your chisel into a precision scribing tool. This set comes with four replacement tips to give you the greatest flexibility in rescribing your next project.

As you can see in the diagram below, three of the tips are cutting edges of varying thicknesses. The tip with no groove in its middle has a cutting edge a mere .005" thick. With one groove, the cutting edge is .0075" thick, while the tip with two grooves will cut panel lines at .01" wide. A fourth tip is provided as a bonus that is a simple pointed tip.

Panel Scriber Tip Set All four tips come with protective covers that I recommend you keep as you'll cut yourself on these sharp instruments! The advantage of these over recycled dental tools is the more precise cuts into the kit surface and thinner panel lines. There is no real point of removing raised panel lines and rescribing them if the end result looks like a crude limited run model!

When I saw these tips listed as future releases from Mission Models, I preordered a couple of sets for some upcoming projects that will put these tools through their paces.


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