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Announced Real Space, Sci Fi, and Figure Kit Release Schedule Sorted By Manufacturer

Last updated 17 Oct 17. If you have any news or corrections, please contact Michael Benolkin. The 'New or Updated' column shows what's been added or changed since the last update.

Manufacturer Subject Scale Number Release Date New or Updated
AMT Klingon Vor'cha Star Trek 1400 1027 Dec-17
AMT USS Enterprise NCC-1701 refit 537 1080 2018 New
Hasegawa P.K.A. Ausf.G (Ma.K.) 35 64102 Nov-17 Updated
Hasegawa Space Pirate Battleship Arcadia 1500 64756 Dec-17 New
Moebius Models Armored Batman BvS (resin) 8 1013 4Q17
Moebius Models Convair Nuclear Probe TBA 0974 4Q17
Moebius Models Discovery (2001 Space Odyssey) 144 2001-3 Dec-17
Moebius Models Joker (Batman TV) 8 0956 Dec-17
Moebius Models Superman BvS (resin) 8 1014 4Q17
Moebius Models USS Franklin (Star Trek Beyond) 350 0975 Dec-17
Moebius Models Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) 8 0973 4Q17
Moebius Models Wonder Woman BvS (resin) 8 1015 4Q17
MPC Space:1999 Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama 48 0860 Dec-17
Polar Lights USS Defiant DS9 1000 0952 Feb-18


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