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Results of the MRC/Italeri Black Friday 2013 Contest

MRC Italeri

As you've seen in the entry gallery, the quality of this first Cybermodeler Online global contest sponsored by MRC and Italeri was very high. We had a total of 59 entries by 26 modelers from 12 countries. The countries represented include:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Scotland
  • Singapore
  • USA

We were originally going to count your votes for the best models as 40% of the overall score, but with over 265 votes, we let your scores count as 100%. There were no ties or splits, so this was an easy contest to administrate. Thanks to all of you who submitted votes. To those who offered more than five votes, we used your first five votes in these results.

The results were quite interesting. If we didn't have a 'one award per person' limit on this contest, Akos Szabo of Hungary would have taken all three F-35s coming directly from Italeri. His Opel Blitz Firetruck was the highest scoring model according to judging (34 points), but his MC-130 and KrAZ Wrecker also had very high scores. In second place overall and first in the USA division was Albert Bubnis' Vosper MTB 77 at 25 points. So the F-35 winners are:

  • Akos Szabo - Opel Blitz Firetruck (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Albert Bubnis - Vosper MTB 77 (sponsored by MRC)
  • David Horn - S-3B Viking (sponsored by MRC)
  • Alasdair MacKenzie - A-10A JAWS Thunderbolt (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Pierpaolo Maglio - C-27J Spartan (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Greg Bale - VH-71 Helicopter (sponsored by MRC)

Winners of the Italeri paint sets include:

  • Gordon Zammit - F-100D Super Sabre (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Daniel Such - S.79 Sparviero (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Armando Soares - F4U-5N Corsair (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Michael Novosad - S-3A Viking (sponsored by MRC)
  • Joseph French - Wessex HU.5 (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Chuck Holte - B-57B Canberra (sponsored by MRC)
  • Lúcio Fillmann - Hawk T.1 (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Mark J. Davies - Ju 52 Floatplane (sponsored by Italeri)
  • Dan Hamilton - HO4S (sponsored by MRC)
  • Mahlon Smith - Wessex HAS.3 (sponsored by MRC)
  • Stan Kurcz - OH-13S Sioux (sponsored by MRC)
  • Bill Powers - M20 (sponsored by MRC)

MRC has shipped their prizes and Italeri will follow shortly. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated with entries as well as voting! Of course thanks go out to MRC and Italeri for making this contest possible! We've added the builders' names, home countries, and builders notes to each of the entry pages, so stop into the gallery for a closer look.


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