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A-4 Skyhawk USN & USMC Tail Codes

Tail Code Unit Wing Unit Name
2F VT-4   Rubber Ducks
2K VT-7 TW-1 Eagles
3E VT-21 TW-2 Red Hawks
3F VT-22 TW-2 King Eagles
3H VT-23 TW-2 Professionals
3J VT-25 TW-3 Cougars
3K VT-24 TW-3 Bobcats
4B VT-86 TW-6 Sabre Hawks
5F VMA-142 MAG-41 Flying Gators
5G VMA-133 MAG-42 Golden Gators
5R VMA-132    
5W VMA-131 MAG-42 Diamond Backs
5Z VMA-322 MAG-42 Fighting Cocks
6F USNR RAW-74  
6G USNR RAW-87  
6G VMA-133 MAG-42 Golden Gators
6S VMA-233    
7B USNR RAW-67  
7D USNR RAW-70  
7E USNR RAW-81  
7X USNR RAW-82  
7X VMA-143    
A VT-7 CTW-1 Eagles
AA VA-34 CVW-7 Blue Blasters
AA VA-66   Waldos
AB VA-81 CVW-1 Bravos
AC VA-216   Black Diamonds
AC VA-34 CVW-7 Blue Blasters
AC VA-46   Clansmen
AD VA-43   Challengers
AD VF-101   Grim Reapers
AD VF-171   Grim Reapers
AD VF-43   Challengers
AD VF-45   Blackbirds
AE VA-76   Fighting Spirits
AF VA-203 CVWR-20 Blue Dolphins
AF VA-204 CVWR-20 Terci Pelos
AF VA-205 CVWR-20 Green Falcons
AF VA-209   Air Barons
AG VA-64   Black Lancers
AH VA-164   Ghost Riders
AH VA-81   Bravos
AJ VA-152   Wild Aces
AJ VA-81   Bravos
AJ VA-83   Rampagers
AK VA-15   Valions
AK VA-66   Waldos
AU VA-45   Blackbirds
B VT-21 TW-2 Red Hawks
B VT-22 TW-2 King Eagles
B VT-23 TW-2 Professionals
C VT-24 TW-3 Bobcats
C VT-25 TW-3 Cougars
CN H&MS-14    
DX VMA-324    
ED VMA(AW)-533   Hawks
F VT-4   Rubber Ducks
F VT-86 CTW-6 Sabre Hawks
GD VAQ-33   Firebirds
GF VC-8   Redtails
GJ RVAH-3   Dragons
JE VC-2   Usus Ubiques
JH VC-10   Proud Pelicans
JY VC-12    
MD VMA-543    
ME VMA-133 MAG-42 Golden Gators
MV H&MS-32    
ND VA-303 CVWR-30 Golden Hawks
ND VA-304 CVWR-30 Firebirds
ND VA-305 CVWR-30 Draggers
NE VA-155 CVW-2 Silver Foxes
NE VA-22   Fighting Redcocks
NF VA-144   Road Runners
NF VA-22   Fighting Redcocks
NF VA-93 CVW-5 Blue Blazers
NF VA-94   Mighty Shrikes
NG VA-36   Road Runners
NG VA-56   Champions
NH VA-195 CVW-11 Dambusters
NJ VA-127   Batmen
NJ VF-126   Bandits
NK VA-146   Blue Diamonds
NM VA-192   Golden Dragons
NM VA-23 CVW-19 Black Knights
None VF-45   Blackbirds
NP VA-164   Ghost Riders
NP VA-212   Rampant Raiders
NP VA-216   Black Diamonds
NP VA-55   Sea Horses
QF H&MS-37    
QG VMA-131 MAG-42 Diamond Backs
QP VMA-124 MAG-42 Whistling Death
QR VMA-322 MAG-42 Fighting Cocks
SC VMFAT-102    
TM H&MS-11    
UA VC-1   Unique Antiquers
UE VC-5   Workhorse of the Fleet
UH VC-8   Tally-Hoers
UX VC-13   Saints
WA H&MS-12    
WM H&MS-33    
YU H&MS-13   Aggressor
YV H&MS-15 MAG-15  
YV VMA-22    

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