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British Army World War II Color Table

Color Color Nr Name Equivalents
No.5 Oxford Blue BSC 105
No.6 Royal Blue BSC 106
No.14 Golden Brown BSC 414
No.22 Light Bronze Green BSC 222
No.23 Middle Bronze Green BSC 223
No.24 Deep Bronze Green BSC 224
No.28 Silver Grey BSC 628
No.31 Light Grey BSC 631
FS 16314
No.33 RAF Blue/Grey BSC 633
FS 25042
No.34 Slate BSC 634
FS 34170
No.44 Terra Cotta BSC 444
No.46 Red Oxide BSC 445
No.49 Light Purple Brown BSC 449
No.52 Pale Yellow BSC 352
No.61 Light Stone BSC 361
No.62 Middle Stone BSC 362
No.63 Bold Yellow BSC 363
FS 33655
RAL 1021
No.64 Portland Stone BSC 364

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