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Editorial: Where's Cybermodeler?

Cybermodeler Online Editorial

It has been a while since our last editorial, and judging from my in-box, it is time to dust off this feature. I have had more emails than I can currently respond to all asking the same thing: Where's Cybermodeler? Am I OK? I am okay, just barely. Cybermodeler was put on the back burner for a number of weeks so that I could qualify for 'okay' status. Let me explain:

Late last year, one of our cats became very sick and I held him until he passed. As one of his last official acts, the cat bit me on the forearm. The following morning, the flesh had turned hot and red, so off to urgent care I go (being driven my lovely spouse). The cat bite was easily treated, but the urgent care staff wanted to call me an ambulance to the Emergency Room. Instead, I head over to the pharmacy to get the antibiotics for the cat bite. While waiting for the prescription to be filled, my spouse began to insist we go to the ER and find out what was up. You see, the urgent care stall were not at all impressed with my blood pressure and were convinced I was going collapse and stroke out on the spot. I didn't feel any different than any other day, but I gave in and off to the ER we go.

I've been to the ER several times in my life, but always as a family member, not a patient. Ditto with the hospital in general. So as I get in-processed at the front desk, their mood changed when they got my blood pressure and I was whisked away to ER. After a good 10 hours in there, they checked me into the hospital where I spent the next four days. After MANY tests and trials, they finally found a combination of meds that brought my blood pressure down to high before releasing me to the world once again. From there, I began seeing my primary care physician to fine tune the drug combo. While the meds did work on decreasing my blood pressure, I started experiencing balance problems, staying awake, blurry vision, etc. The current batch of meds seem to be behaving better than previous combinations and I'm able to focus on the keyboard once again.

As if I needed any more excitement in my life, I discovered that what I thought was a hematoma on my nose is actually skin cancer. I get to have surgery towards the end of next month. Yippee.

Thank you all for your kind words and concerns about the future of Cybermodeler Online. I'll get back into the swing of things again soon, but please don't be surprised if I take a mental health day now and again.

Take care and go build something!

Michael Benolkin
Owner/Publisher, Cybermodeler Online