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Editorial: Enough is enough

Cybermodeler Online Editorial

It is time once again for some Spring Cleaning! One eyesore that has been bothering me has been the increasing number of Google Ads popping up on Cybermodeler, and I'm the publisher! We adopted Google Ads as a way to help pay for the site and keep our content free to you. Over the years however, Google Ads has moved the goalposts by reducing revenues on standard ads in favor of newer ad formats, and of course we gave these a try. With each new ad format came less control over layouts and keeping their ads where they were supposed to be placed. Their latest endeavor started last year where they would automatically decide where to insert their ads and recently, they've even increased the number of ads that would pop up while continuing to reduce revenue.

As I tried to reign-in those annoying ads, I also resumed fine-tuning the site again. You'll note some subtle changes in color and format across the site, starting with the right hand ad column being removed. All of our sponsors' ads now appear in the left column, and if you look around, you won't see any more Google Ads. After I tried to limit their ads to a single one in the left column, they've taken it upon themselves to continue to spam pages with ads even when the settings claim they don't. The simple solution was to remove all of the ads, and now you can view our pages without being bombarded by whatever they wanted to show you. We may opt to bring back some of their ads if they can be made to behave without spamming, but for now, let's enjoy the visual peace. Enough is enough and Google Ads are now gone from the site.

Stop by tomorrow as we'll have a first-look at Roden's new 1/32 Stearman. I like what I see and look forward to showing this beauty!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and go build something!

Michael Benolkin
Owner/Publisher, Cybermodeler Online