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Editorial: Good News and Bad News

Cybermodeler Online Editorial

Farewell Squadron/MMD. Last Tuesday (1/19/21), they (MMD Holdings LLC) filed voluntary Chapter 7 in the Northern Texas Bankruptcy Court. I remember visiting their store in Rockville, MD in the mid-1970s for a cup of coffee and a walk through their kit displays. Like many folks, I'd cherish the monthly Squadron Flyer and ordered necessary supplies during my three years stationed overseas. I also had the privilege to visit (then) owner Jerry Campbell and tour the facility in Carrolton, TX in the early 1990s. After Jerry sold the company and retired, Squadron/MMD went through several leadership changes and their pioneering mail order hobby business couldn't seem to keep up with the internet and social media.

Welcome Kinetic Models! Kinetic Models is opening a distribution center in Kansas City, Missouri, and it won't be long before you will find their growing list of kits available in your favorite hobby stores. When a new kit comes out (like their new IA 58 Pucara), you won't have to wait months for it to reach our shores. What's more, your hobby shop can now order these new kits with fast delivery from their new website ( You can still order your retail kits from Lucky Model, and when available, they will ship from North America saving time to get your new project(s) on your hobby bench. If you're living in the KC area and looking for a work opportunity, you can contact them via Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

I hope your 2021 is shaping up to be better than that dumpster fire we called 2020.

Michael Benolkin
Owner/Publisher, Cybermodeler Online