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Editorial: New Review Menus

Cybermodeler Online Editorial

A few days ago, I received an email from a reader who pointed out (quite rightly) that our kit review menu is too large/long. They were originally simple text links that took up less space, but as the world moved to doing more with their mobile phones, text links are not practical. The solution (at the time) was to turn the links into buttons, and even Google's code checkers were happy with that. As more reviews came online, those lists of buttons grew further, so we adopted some specialty software tools that provided expanding/collapsing menus, and that worked well until about five years ago when Javascript was no longer welcome on more browsers due to security concerns. When we did our site overhaul at that time, we eliminated all Javascript from the site and adopted CSS 3 (cascading style sheets). While the site is even easier to maintain, we still have well over 44,000 pages on the site, so we kept some aspects of the site simple, including those product review menus - simple but lengthy. As CSS 3 continues to evolve, I was curious if they had added dropdown menu capabilities, and indeed they had. After experimenting with one of the smaller menus, I was pleased with the results, and we now have expanding menus on all of the product review menu pages. Simply point at the manufacturer's name and a list of all of the products from that manufacturer will appear and you simply slide down to the one you want to see and click on it. I'm certain that we'll be enhancing the menus further, but here's our first iteration. If you run into any issues, please let me know the type of computer/device you're using as well as the web browser.

Michael Benolkin
Owner/Publisher, Cybermodeler Online