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Atlantis Model Company 1/48 HUP-2 (H-25 Army Mule) Kit Build Review

By Mark Nickelson

Date of Review September 2019 Manufacturer Atlantis Model Company
Subject HUP-2 (H-25 Army Mule) Scale 1/48
Kit Number A502 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Good decals, and having this subject available again after 50 years Cons No clear parts for side windows
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $19.95

Build Review

Okay, 17 parts: this model happened fast, once it landed at my house. I made five mods, none of them very major. The pitot tube is a section of no.16 hypodermic needle.

The exhaust pipe, portside aft, is a piece of heated , bent sprue.

There’s a servicing platform, made of wire and strip stock, on the starboard side of the tail. Placed for the inspection before every flight, these platforms could be on either side and  according to my web surfing, were left in place when the helicopter went off on a mission.

I made a couple of grab irons leading up to the forward rotor, the easiest addition there ever could be.


I made clear parts for the sides. The little portholes midship are mounted against strip stock shoulders, and those strips are more noticeable than I thought they’d be. When I build another one of these, those strips will be black.

As planned, I attached the nose dome before final painting and masked it to add the frame; the dome is supplied smooth.

I considered placing pilots in the seats, but they’re not there yet. Long lunch in the wardroom, presumably. The seats are molded into the fuselage halves. There are no collectives or rudder pedals, and the yokes are strange. But the dome is thick, and details inside it are just not going to be observed much.

The rotors press in and pull out, a handy feature when the model is taken to a meeting or model show.


Oh, and I was wrong about the rivets in the first look review. They’re pretty prominent, and you’ll want to sand them down some.

As you can see, I selected the USMC color scheme, one of four in the kit. The decals went on nicely.

Compared to all the fore-and-aft rotor Piaseckis that followed, the HUP-2 was surprisingly tiny. But this kit invokes the period when it was in use. Working on the HUP-2 was a nostalgia trip and the finished model adds an important player to my coverage of the sea services in the Cold War.


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