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Mandalorian Kit

Gambody 1/12 Mandalorian 3D Print Kit Build Review

by Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2022 Manufacturer Gambody (Barry Crane)
Subject Mandalorian Scale 1/12
Kit Number N/A Primary Media STL files (digital)
Pros Beautiful details and fit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $24.95

Build Review

Here is the Mandalorian figure available on Gambody. The STL file I am using is the SLA version for resini printers and comes out to 1/16 scale (just like the Boba Fett figure we previously built). The fit of the Boba Fett figure was exquisite and I opted to print and assemble it as a first test of these series of products from Gambody. What's more, I was curious if there were any painting issues working with 3D printer resin and the gray primer I applied to Boba Fett adhered to the resin with no issues with masking or scratching paint back off.

I was curious if I could scale up these figures using the Chitubox software, and with the print volume of the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K printer I have, I can scale up Boba Fett to 200% (1/8 scale), but due to the design of the Mandalorian figure, the best I could do with this printer is 150% (1/12). The legs and rifle are too long to fit inside my available print volume at 200%. Once that was settled, I printed each of the parts and primed them using Stynylrez Black. While I was waiting for all of the parts to be finished, I decided to do an experiment with GaiaNotes Premium Silver Plate to use for the Beskar armor. The Silver Plate goes on over the primer but doesn't have the reflective qualities I was looking for. I expect it would do better over gloss black, but I had another idea for Beskar. What I was pleased about is that I can mask over the Silver Plate finish using yellow Kabuki masking tape with no paint pull-up. I was using another brand's silver on an F-4 project and that build came to a halt with that silver did pull up using yellow tape masks. Duly noted!


I test-fit the parts together and am quite impressed how well everything fit. I also took note of several potential issues, namely the build order of the assembly - torso, then the baby pouch, and then the cape, with one end of the pouch strap dropping over a tab on the cape to be glued when finished.


I spent a fair amount of time either looking at photos from the Mandalorian series or watching excerpts of the series from Disney+. One thing I noticed was that most of the series was shot indoors, even many of the 'outdoor' scenes were done indoors using their wraparound video set technology. As a result, there were few opportunities to see the Mandalorian costume in daylight so that cameras could pick out the details and colors of the costume. Fortunately, I have a copy of "The Art of Star Wars - The Mandalorian" handy so I could see each of the four phases of costume (armor) development during the first season. Based upon what I found, I pick out a detail or two, go to the bench and paint it, and repeat. Eventually I worked through the various aspects of the armor, weapons, and protective clothing to get this model finished. Of course there is one detail that needed serious attention, that was the Beskar armor. After the attempt with GaiaNotes, I remembered a secret weapon I had stashed away - Molotow Chrome Pens. Sure enough, Molotow works great with the resin and goes down nicely. While the finish isn't perfect, it isn't bad for my first full-up figure.


The final result is pleasing to the eye given the contrasts in colors and details. Even Grogu turned out okay. When I get a larger printer, I want to do this project over at 200% (1/8 scale), but in the meantime, this is the way...