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Iron Man Mk.VI

Moebius Models 1/8 Iron Man Mk.VI Build Review

by Steve Causey

Date of Review September 2013 Manufacturer Moebius Models
Subject Iron Man Mk.VI Scale 1/8
Kit Number 0922 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Ease of assembly Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $34.99

Build Review

For a look at this kit straight out of the box, look here.

This kit from Mobius represents the upgraded version of Iron Man's armor as seen in the last half of the movie Iron Man II - it has the smaller, more powerful ARC reactor.

The kit is well designed and easily builds into a fine display. A beginner could assemble this kit in an hour or so.

I chose to make my build a showstopper, with lighting, high gloss lacquer paints, and detailed base. Since I was using Tamiya synthetic lacquers I used the Tamiya fine white primer as well. The red plastic that the kit is molded in is soft and easily torn; so use caution when removing parts from the sprue trees.

I used a lighting kit built for this model from Starling Technologies. It is a drop in kit that lights the eyes, the ARC reactor and a pulsing effect for the repulsor ray in his left hand.

Iron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VI

The Iron Man kit goes together quickly and the parts are well engineered to lock together providing a sturdy assembly. I needed to drill a few holes in the kit to run the wires for the light kit. (The few modifications needed are included in the Starling kit's picture tutorial.)

Once the main body was together, I decided to apply filler to the fine seams between parts that remained after gluing. I used Gunze Mr. Surfacer, Squadron White putty Testors putty and a little white glue.

After priming the completed body, I re checked the seams, fixed any missed areas then applied a silver base coat. Next. I painted the red, and when dry added the gold details.

Iron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VI

I let that all dry for several days and then applied a wash to highlight the excellent detail.

Iron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VIIron Man Mk.VI

This was a fun project. The kit allows a beginner to have a great looking figure with little stress and it allows the AMS modeler to take it to the next levels!

My sincere thanks to Moebius Models for this review sample!