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Platz 1/72 Mitsubishi F-1 JASDF Kit Quick Build Review

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2013 Manufacturer Platz
Subject Mitsubishi F-1 JASDF Scale 1/72
Kit Number AC-9 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Easy build, nice details Cons See text
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Yen) ¥2520


For a look at this kit out of the box, look here.

I must say that this kit is very nicely engineered and the fit of the parts is quite nice! The only problem in assembly was getting the assembled cockpit into the fuselage halves. This step required quite a bit of dry-fitting and maneuvering of the tub and I believe the culprit was the instrument panel. I used several clamps to hold the fuselage halves together while I maneuvered the cockpit tub and eventually it closed. I quickly applied cement on the fuselage seams before I lost the alignment again (which was happening quite a bit to that point).

The glare shield didn't want to sit atop the instrument panel until I trimmed it and even then, I wasn't happy with the solution but at least the windscreen would fit over the instrument panel/glare shield. This was the only challenge in the entire kit, but it will prevent a good assembly if you don't get this right.

The fit of the wings and ventral belly plate is very nice, the engineering in this kit (aside from the above) is very impressive. I followed the kit instructions and I was pleased with how well the model went together. Take a look at the wingtip missile rails - these are how real missile rails look and how kit missile rails should be done!

F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1 F-1

I did change the skill level of this kit to Experienced from Basic because of that cockpit fit issue. It will fit, but my example was quite 'interesting'. If you don't get the fit right, not of the rest of the kit's precision fit will work out. Nevertheless, you can see that this kit did turn out nice and there are only a couple of spots where just a little filler would be needed before painting.

Platz continues to turn out some nice kits and this one is no exception!

My sincere thanks to Platz Hobby for this review sample!