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O-1 Bird Dog

Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog Build Review

By Fotios Rouch

Date of Review January 2020 Manufacturer Roden
Subject O-1 Bird Dog Scale 1/48
Kit Number 0409 Primary Media Styrene (plus lots of aftermarket goodies)
Pros Nice subject Cons See text
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $39.98

The Build

This Roden kit replaces the venerable Model USA kit. For a little history and an interesting go to this old review.

This kit looks like it has been CAD designed and the instructions point to that fact as well. The execution is a tiny bit rough and since the tolerances are tight, you will come into issues with fit. So, test fit a lot a use your grind tools to open up cavities a bit wider like the engine compartment. Mind the cockpit fit as well, especially the rear seat. Some details are missing from the plans but are included and some parts are marked wrong. Just be patient and test everything before you glue.

Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog Build

The engine is very detailed, but the plans are not very clear about the precise location of each component. Maybe add a few wires for the ignition harnesses to get a better look. The cockpit is well detailed, and it will really show through the transparencies. I have the Iliad decals for this kit.

Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog Build

I chose to do the Hawkeyes 203rd Recon Airplane Company (RAC) sample. Definitely go to their website. So much information about the plane the mission and especially the people that lived it all and tell us about it through their photos. Very moving.

To do this plane you might want to armor the pilot seat. Some pictures show armor. Also, you need to fabricate the wing tip antennae. These planes had two antennas one on each wing tip instead of one right over the cockpit.

I used Xtracolor olive drab. Most of the planes were faded during their service.

Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog BuildRoden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog Build

The L-19 is finally done.

Roden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog BuildRoden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog BuildRoden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog BuildRoden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog BuildRoden 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog Build

Nice little kit but it needs attention. It looks great in the box with all the details provided but the tolerances are very tight and the plastic needs careful trimming and sanding if everything is supposed to fit just right. The engine compartment is full of fiddly bits and looks great but putting on the side access panels and the front cover was a nightmare! Now if Roden were to scale down their O-2 it would be great and we would have great company for the O-1!