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Stratchbuilt Sputnik Photo Feature

By Claude Le Coursonnois

Photo Feature

Here are some photos of a scratch-built Sputnik. This is a simple model that can be made in an afternoon. Materials are easy to find: a ball, some sprue and an iron wire. The first picture depicts the material. The following ones show the Sputnik before it is painted (antennas supports are sealed with super glue and a piece of wire). On the base you can find a plastic tube that will be used to fix the model on a support. It has been painted with Humbrol 11 after a primer had been airbrushed. The antennas are not sealed as the model is a gift for a friend and I’ll have to travel with it. Making this model was very fun. It has a size that is very pleasant and the main difficulty was avoiding the dust.

Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik Sputnik