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Stalker JT

Savage Forged Minis 1/24 (75mm) Stalker JT Build Review

By Gilbert Mondragon

Date of Review May 2016 Manufacturer Savage Forged Minis
Subject Stalker JT Scale 1/24 (75mm)
Kit Number - Primary Media Resin
Pros Beautiful sculpt and cast Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Beginner MSRP (Euro) 35.00€

Build Review

I love building models. The quite time I get to sit with a well-constructed kit is something I look forward to and welcome to ease the stress from life's daily grind. About 2 years ago, I began to seriously consider looking into figure painting. I wanted to enhance the experience of my hobby by going out of my comfort level and delve into the world of figure painting. What I quickly realized is that this is a rabbit hole that can consume once you start the fantastic journey that is finding, painting and displaying these magnificent pieces. So, with that being said, I have a figurine I would like to show you all and also attention to a small but extremely talented individual based in Germany and some of the fantastic resin pieces this man sculpts and offers to the purchasing public.

This resin piece was sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski. His small company based in Germany is called: Savage Forged Minis. It is called the JT Stalker and is a figure from his "Post-Apocalyptic line of resin 1/24th scale/75mm resin figures. When I received the piece, it came unassembled and devoid of most flash that other pieces I have acquired sometimes come with. That is not to say that there is no clean up. There were a few minor spots but the piece was remarkably devoid of the obvious flash we have experienced with resin pieces.

I assembled this piece using the usual CA Glue and brass rod to pin the arm holding the pistol, the hand clutching the Machete and the back pack. Those were the only pieces that needed constructing as all other parts were molded.

After washing with a mild soapy water, I primed the piece using Badger's primer and let it sit for a few days as i had no intention of painting it right away. But, as we in the hobby know all too well, the itch to get him painted proved a bit too much so I sat down and got down to painting him....

This resin figure is a well sculpted 75mm piece. You can see from the photo's that the details are well sculpted and nothing has been lost in the pouring process. I used Vallejo Model Color Acrylic paints to paint him. The fine details on the backpack are well represented and without defect. Aside from a bit of blending and dry brushing, not much else was done to the figure at this point. I plan on revisiting him at a later date and smoothing out a few rough spots here and there.

Stalker JT Stalker JT Stalker JT
Stalker JT Stalker JT Stalker JT

As a painter, I am not satisfied with the rough look of the painting and close up Macro shots bring out what defects in the painting process that exist. So a bit more work is in order to smooth out the texture and get him ready for the base I have planned for him. I may add some oils to blend what work I have already done to him but that has yet to be determined.

So, I would say this is a fine piece for anyone looking for a 'post-apocalyptic' figure or just to have something a bit different to paint and enjoy. If you're interested, you can find this piece at Savage Forged Minis.