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Authentic Decals 1/48 Su-24M Fencer D Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2010 Manufacturer Authentic Decals
Subject Su-24M Fencer D Scale 1/48
Set Number 4801 Pros Seven aircraft options
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic

First Look

Authentic Decals is a nicely produced line from Olimp Models from Odessa, Ukraine. These markings are primarily oriented around contemporary Soviet-era and current Russian/Ukrainian subjects. These were previously released for the various 1/72 Fencer kits on the market and have now been resized to 1/48 scale for the new Trumpeter Su-24 kits.

Su-24M Su-24M Su-24M

This set provides markings for seven distinctive examples:

  • Su-24M, Red 40, Russian AF, Lipetsk AB, 2003
  • Su-24M, Red 40, Russian AF, Lipetsk AB, 2002
  • Su-24M, White 02, Russian AF, Morozovsk AB, 2003
  • Su-24M, White 22, Ukrainian AF, Starokonstrantinov AB, 2002
  • Su-24M, White 14, Russian AF, Jeeda AB, 2000
  • Su-24M, White 17, Russian AF, Voronezh AB, 2002
  • Su-24M, Red 09, Russian AF, Krasnodar AB, 1993

The printing is is nicely done and the markings are finely printed and in register. The set also includes an extensive set of maintenance stencils, so your Fencer will pop with lots of visual detail when completed.

This set is definitely recommended!

For more information about this set and the other releases from Authentic Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to North American Hobbies for this review sample!