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Harrier Retirement - UK Air Arm Update

Airframe 1/48 Harrier Retirement - UK Air Arm Update Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2011 Manufacturer Airframe
Subject Harrier Retirement - UK Air Arm Update Scale 1/48
Set Number 48218 Pros 17 Harrier options
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (BP) £15.83

First Look

Airframe Decals is a nice line of aftermarket decals from The Aviation Workshop that provide a wide range of subjects and eras for primarily British and Commonwealth subjects. This set in particular covers the 17 Harriers from both RAF and RN squadrons that participated in the final flypast that marked the Harrier's retirement. This set is definitely a superset, let's take a look:

Harrier Harrier

The set includes markings for:

  1. Harrier GR.9A, ZG606, (77A), retro camouflage scheme
  2. Harrier GR.9, ZG857, (89). 1 (F) Sqn
  3. Harrier GR.9 ZD379, 27, 1 (F) Sqn
  4. Harrier GR.9A, ZD467, 57A, 1 (F) Sqn
  5. Harrier GR.9A, ZG477, 1 (F) Sqn with Red and White retirement scheme special tail markings
  6. Harrier GR.9A, ZD433, 45A, 1 (F) Sqn
  7. Harrier GR.9A, ZG472, 62A, 1 (F) Sqn
  8. Harrier GR.9A, ZG479, 69A, 1 (F) Sqn
  9. Harrier GR.9A, ZD351, 800 NAS with Red retirement scheme tail markings
  10. Harrier GR.9A, ZD347, 14A, 800 NAS
  11. Harrier GR.9, ZG862, 94, 800 NAS
  12. Harrier GR.9, ZG502, 73, 800 NAS
  13. Harrier GR.9, ZG858, 4 Sqn with retirement scheme special tail markings
  14. Harrier T.12A, ZH665, 113, 4 Sqn
  15. Harrier T.12, ZH659, 107, 4 Sqn
  16. Harrier T.12, ZH664, 112, 4 Sqn
  17. Harrier T.12, ZH657, 105, 4 Sqn

You can see in the images that the instructions are very nicely done with clear placement instructions for each of the distinctive markings for all 17 examples, plus good layout instructions for each of the airframe stencils as well. This set provides distinctive markings (including roundels) for all 17 aircraft plus airframe stenciling for three aircraft.

This set is produced in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scale so you have a wide range of possibilities here. The instructions tell you where to get the right kits and aftermarket details for each variant.

My sincere thanks to The Aviation Workshop for this review sample!