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Begemot 1/48 MiG-25 Foxbat Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2007 Manufacturer Begemot
Subject MiG-25 Foxbat Scale 1/48
Set Number 48010 Pros Markings for 23 different aircraft including interceptors, trainers, and reconnaissance.
Cons Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $13.95

First Look

Begemot Decals is an interesting decal company from Rostov-on-Don, Russia that offers a nice array of markings for Russian-built aircraft. In this release, they've provided markings for 23 different MiG-25 Foxbats, not just interceptors, but also recce birds and trainers. These include:

MiG-25 MiG-25 MiG-25

  1. MiG-25P, Red 31, 531 IAP, Far East Military District, Chuguevka AB, USSR
  2. MiG-25PD, FU-78, 120 Sqn, Algerian AF, Ein-Isera AB, 1982
  3. MiG-25PDS, Blue 52, 146 GIAP, Vasilkov AB, Ukraine, USSR, 1986
  4. MiG-25PD, 5 Sqn, Syrian AF, Tiyaz AB, 1985
  5. MiG-25PD, 6716, 1025 Sqn, Libyan AF, Benin AB, 1981
  6. MiG-25PDS, 96 Sqn, Iraqi AF, Qadissiyah AB, 1991
  7. MiG-25PD, Red 49, 146 IAP, Ukrainian AF, Vasilikov, 1995, Sharkmouth
  8. MiG-25PU, Red 94, 174 Pechenga Red Banner Guardian Regt, Monchegorsk AB, 1990
  9. MiG-25RB, 63 SAW, Soviet Air Force detachment, Cairo West AB, Egypt, 1971
  10. MiG-25RB, Blue 57, 154 SAW, Soviet Air Force detachment, Cairo West AB, Egypt, 1984
  11. MiG-25RB, Red 751, 120 RAR, Bulgarian AF, Tolbukhin AB, Bulgaria, 1984
  12. MiG-25RBT, Red 46, 2 Sqn/47 Borisov SGRAR, Russian AF, Shatalavo AB, 2000
  13. MiG-25RBF, Red 38, 931 SGRAR, 16 Air Army, GSFG, Werneuchen AB, East Germany
  14. MiG-25RBSh, Red 17, 2 Sqn/47 SGRAR, Russian AF, Shatalavo AB, 2001
  15. MiG-25RBT, 84 FRS, Iraqi AF, Tahmmouz AB, mid 1990s
  16. MiG-25RBF, Red 20, 2 Sqn/47 SGRAR, Russian AF, Shatalavo AB, 2001
  17. MiG-25RBF, Blue 57, 2 Sqn/98 SGRAR, Russian AF, Monchegorsk AB, 2001
  18. MiG-25RBF, Red 74, 98 SGRAR, Russian AF, Monchegorsk AB, 2005
  19. MiG-25BM, Iraqi AF, Rashid AB, 1988
  20. MiG-25BM, White 37, 4 Combat Traning Regt, USSR, Lipetsk AB, late 1980s
  21. MiG-25BM, Red 78, 10 SRAR, USSR, Shuchin AB, late 1980s
  22. MiG-25RU, DS362, 102 Sqn, Indian AF, Bareilley AB, 2000
  23. MiG-25RU, Red 33, 2 Sqn/47 SGRAR, Russian AF, Shatalavo AB, 2001

With each aircraft profile, there is a brief summary about the aircraft presented. The decal printing is perfectly in register. The instructions are printed on both sides of two sheets that provide decal placement for each aircraft type and external stores placement.

If you want some authentic options for your Revell 1/48 MiG-25P kit (and the various mods out there), then this decal set is exactly what the doctor ordered.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Begemot Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Begemot Decals for this review sample!