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Beriev Be-12 Mail

Begemot 1/72 Beriev Be-12 Mail Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2015 Manufacturer Begemot
Subject Beriev Be-12 Mail Scale 1/72
Set Number 72062 Pros 22 marking options
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Novice

First Look

Begemot Decals has released a new decal superset for the new Modelsvit 1/72 Be-12 Chaika (Mail) kit. This set has a variety of markings options for 22 examples from the Soviet, Russian, Ukrainian Navies as well as the Beriev OKB (Experimental Design Bureau) test aircraft. Let's take a look:

Beriev Be-12 Mail Beriev Be-12 Mail Beriev Be-12 Mail

This set provides 22 markings options including:

  1. Be-12, Bort 56, 318 OPLAP, Soviet Navy, Donuzlav, 1967
  2. M-12, Bort 02, Beriev OKB aircraft
  3. Be-12, Bort 88, Beriev OKB aircraft, Yakutsk, 1970s
  4. Be-12, Bort 64, 163 VVAUL, Soviet Navy, Voroshilovgrad, 1980s
  5. Be-12, 318 OPLAP det, Cairo, Egypt, Soviet Navy wearing Egyptian markings, 1968
  6. Be-12, Bort 26, 316 OSAP, Russian Navy, Kaliningrad, 1996
  7. Be-12, Bort 44, 240 OSAP, Russian Navy, Ostrov, 1992
  8. Be-12, Bort 25, 316 OSAP, Soviet Navy, Nikolaev, 1980s
  9. Be-12, Bort 28, 318 OSAP, Russian Navy, Kachka, 2004
  10. Be-12, Bort 28, Black Sea Fleet, Russian Navy, 2014
  11. Be-12N, Bort 29, 318 OSAP, Russian Navy, Kachka, 2004
  12. Be-12N, Bort 29, Black Sea Fleet, Russian Navy, 2014
  13. Be-12N, Bort 15, 289 OPLAP, Soviet Navy, Nikolaevka, 1993 (now monument)
  14. Be-12N, Bort 85, 403 OPLAP, Soviet Navy, Severomorsk, 1980s
  15. Be-12PS, Bort 52, Beriev OKB, Taganrog, 1972
  16. Be-12PS, Bort 55, Ukrainian Navy, Saki, 1990s
  17. Be-12PS, Bort 06, Ukrainian Navy, Saki, 2010
  18. Be-12PS, Bort 30, 300 OSAEh, Soviet Army, Kala, 1980s
  19. Be-12PS, Bort 32, Beriev OKB, Taganrog, 1972
  20. Be-12PS, Bort 12, 318 OSAP, Russian Navy, Kachka, 2015
  21. Be-12P, Bort 20, Beriev OKB, Taganrog, 1992
  22. Be-12P, RA-00073, Beriev OKB, Zhukovsky, 1993

This set also includes a set of die-cut vinyl window paint masks to make the job of painting this aircraft easier. Whether you have the Modelsvit kit or one of the earlier 1/72 Be-12 kits, this decal set will give you a wide range of color and marking options to make your model quite distinctive.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Begemot Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Begemot Decals for this review sample!