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Belcher Bits 1/72 T-33 Canadian Silver Stars Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2010 Manufacturer Belcher Bits
Subject T-33 Canadian Silver Stars Scale 1/72
Set Number BD23 Pros 15 aircraft options, colorfuls schemes!
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Basic

First Look

Belcher Bits is known for some great quality resin details and conversions to help the modeler recreate the aircraft in Canadian service. What you may not know is that they've also been producing decals to help you finish the conversions and create nice subjects for your scale flightline.

T-33 T-33

This newest set is for the Hasegawa, Heller, or Sword 1/72 T-33 Shooting Star kits to provide some marking options for RCAF and CAF service. This decal set comes on three sheets and provides markings for 15 aircraft:

  1. Silver Star Mk.3, 21463, 463, 400 Sqn, RCAF, 1955
  2. Silver Star Mk.3, 21118, 118, Weapons Practice Unit, RCAF, 1956
  3. Silver Star Mk.3, 21468, 883, VT-40, RCN, 1956
  4. Silver Star Mk.3, 21509, 509, 3 Wing, RCAF, 1957
  5. Silver Star Mk.3, 21530, 530, RCAF, 1958
  6. Silver Star Mk.3, 21653, 653, 3 Wing, RCAF, 1960
  7. Silver Star Mk.3, 21641, 641, Target Tug, RCAF, 1960
  8. Silver Star Mk.3, 21197, 197, RCAF, 1965
  9. Silver Star Mk.3, 21628, 628, 1 AD, CAF, 1968
  10. Silver Star Mk.3, 21581, 581, CAF, 1970
  11. CT-133, 133441, 441, CAF, 1975
  12. CT-133, 133393, 393, 1 AD, CAF, 1978
  13. CT-133, 133069, 069, 1 AD, CAF, 1982
  14. CT-133. 133094, 094, CAF, 1988
  15. CT-133, 133423, 423, CAF, 1988

This set comes with sufficient stenciling for at least one aircraft and in addition to the presented subjects, the buzz numbers and tail numbers are provided so that you can replicate just about any Canadian T-Bird in service.

Take a close look at this decal sheet. All of these decals are in perfect register and none require you to stack multiple layers of decals to recreate what you see here. Don't settle for substandard decal artwork, get your Silver Star markings right here!

For more information about this set and the other releases from Belcher Bits, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Belcher Bits for this review sample!