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Yoxford Boys #3

Bullseye Model Aviation 1/48 Yoxford Boys #3 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2020 Manufacturer Bullseye Model Aviation
Subject Yoxford Boys #3 Scale 1/48
Set Number 48011 Pros Eight distinctive options
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $14.99

First Look

Bullseye Model Aviation is back with an impressive four-part series covering the P-51D Mustangs assigned to the 357th Fighter Group, also known as the Yoxford Boys. This is part three of four and covers a selection of eight subjects from all three squadrons plus two aircraft assigned to the group's staff. The decals provide examples of the P-51D-5-NA which was not equipped with the fin fillet as well as the P-51D-10-NA which did have the fillet. All are sized for the Eduard P-51D kits.

Yoxford Boys #3Yoxford Boys #3

The aircraft presented here include:

  • P-51D-5, 44-13408, C5-Q, 357 FG, RAF Leiston, September 1944, 'Bobby Jeanne/Ah Fung-Goo', as flown by Major Irwin Dregne 357 FG Ops Officer
  • P-51D-5, 44-11198, G4-X, 362 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, November 1944, 'Libby-B', as flown by Capt. William Mooney
  • P-51D-5, 44-13388, B6-W, 357 FG, RAF Leiston, August 1944, 'Bodacious', as flown by Col. Donald W. Graham, 357 FG Commander
  • P-51D-5, 44-13316, G4-C, 362 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, August 1944, 'Olivia de H', as flown by Lt. Ted Conlin
  • P-51D-5, 44-13583, C5-L, 364 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, July 1944, 'Shoo Shoo Baby', as flown by Lt. John Howell
  • P-51D-5, 44-13558, G4-B, 362 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, August 1944, 'Sweet Helen II', as flown by Capt. Harvey Mace
  • P-51D-10, 44-14245, G4-P, 362 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, December 1944, 'Rolla U', as flown by Lt. Ed Hymen
  • P-51D-10, 44-14414, B6-G, 363 FS/357 FG, RAF Leiston, January 1945, 'Cherokee Kid', as flown by Lt. Henry Franklin

The instructions provide a wealth of information about the group as well as distinctive differences betwen each aircraft presented here. As the instructions acknowledge, there has been a long debate over what colors were applied to these aircraft as many of them were repainted in the UK, hence the debate over whether the aircraft wore OD/Neutral Gray or used locally sourced RAF paints for Dark Green over Medium Sea Gray. The instructions also note that as a result of the repaint, many of the stencils were also overpainted and are not provided on these decal sheets though they do recommend using the kit's stencils or those from fundekals to stencil the aircraft should your subject have stenciling visible.

The printing looks great on these sheets which is no surprise givent that they're printed by Cartograf. The note at the bottom of the decal states they were 'stampato in Italia' (like a fine wine).

These decals are sold exclusively by Sprue Brothers.

My sincere thanks to Bullseye Model Aviation for this review sample!