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SR-71 Blackbird Part 2

Caracal Models 1/48 SR-71 Blackbird Part 2 Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2019 Manufacturer Caracal Models
Subject SR-71 Blackbird Part 2 Scale 1/48
Set Number 48101 Pros 16 unique subjects
Cons See text Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $17.99

First Look

Here is the latest from Caracal, this set for the Testors/Italeri 1/48 SR-71A/B kit and provides markings for 16 distinctive subjects.

SR-71 Blackbird Part 2 SR-71 Blackbird Part 2

The aircraft presented in this set include:

  • SR-71A, 61-7958, Cobra artwork
  • SR-71B, 61-7960, Shark artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7962, Skull and crossbones artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7967, BB (Beale) tailcode
  • SR-71A, 61-7968, Dolby dbx artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7971, BB (Beale) tailcode
  • SR-71A, 61-7968, Red snake around number 1 artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7972, Skunk artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7973, first aircraft in subdued red markings
  • SR-71A, 61-7974, Leprechaun artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7979, 'Night Hawk'
  • SR-71A, 61-7980, Dartboard artwork
  • SR-71A, 61-7971, NASA
  • SR-71A, 831, NASA
  • SR-71A, 832, NASA
  • SR-71A, 844, NASA

This is the second of two sets from Caracal Models that cover the Blackbird from start to finish. As you can see in the images, this set consists of two decal sheets plus two inserts, one covering the distinctive subjects and one that provides a comprehensive set of airframe stencils and markings. While the first set includes the single-seat A-12, the two-seat A-12 trainer, the M-21 mothership, YF-12A, SR-71B, and a number of SR-71A examples, this decal set continues the coverage of the SR-71A with tail numbers not covered in the first set as well as several that were in the first set, but looking at different time periods/different markings.

The airframe stencil set has one nice feature not seen before - the red window seals. The stencil set also provides the variations in standard markings between early service and later service aircraft. Check your references to see which airframe you're building and what stencil types were carried at the photo's time period.

Between this decal set and Part 1, there are a variety of subjects to choose from, but one notable example is missing from both releases - SR-71C 61-7981. After the loss of one of the only two SR-71B trainers, the Skunkworks joined the aft fuselage of 60-6934 (YF-12A #1 damaged beyond repair) with a forward fuselage mock-up of an SR-71A, plus the addition of the SR-71B raised rear cockpit to render the one and only SR-71C, now on display at the Hill AFB museum.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Caracal Models, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Caracal Models for this review sample!