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Empire City Decals 1/35 Eastern Front Juggernaut! Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2010 Manufacturer Empire City Decals
Subject Eastern Front Juggernaut! Scale 1/35
Set Number 3503 Pros Markings for 21 different combat vehicles
Cons Nothing noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $15.00

First Look

Empire City Decals has released their first sheet aimed at the 1/35 scale armor market and it covers the ever-popular T-34 tank. The sheet provides markings for 21 different late World War II combat vehicles in service with Soviet, Czech, and Polish forces in the western drive toward Berlin. The sheet covers the following subjects:

Juggernaut Juggernaut

  1. Cannonless Hetzer, 'Death to the Occupants', CSR, 1945
  2. Modified Hetzer, 'Death to the German Enemies', CSR, 1945
  3. Panther Ausf.G, 'Hit the Enemy with his Own Weapons!', 1st Tadeusz Kozckuszko Infantry Div, 1945
  4. T-34/85, White 14, 5 Armor Corps, Baltic Region, 1944
  5. T-34/85, White 31, 1 Czech Armor Bde, Ostrava, 1945
  6. T-34/85, White 10, 6 Armor Corps, 1945
  7. T-34/85, White 52, 4 Guards Armor Corps, Dresden, 1945
  8. T-34/85, White 1001, 1 Bohaterow Westerpatte Armored Bde, 1945
  9. T-34/85, White 112/Yellow 12, 2 Guards Tank Army, Germany, 1945
  10. T-34/85, White 52-3-12, 5th Guards Tank Corps, Bohemia, 1945
  11. ISU-152, White 45, 374 Guards Heavy Arty Regt, Poland, 1944
  12. ISU-152, White 25, unidentified Regt, Latvia, 1944
  13. ISU-152, 'For Our Victory', 333 Guards Heavy Arty Regt, Latvia, 1944
  14. ISU-152, Yellow 175, 5 Guards Tank Army, East Prussia, 1945
  15. Su-85, 'Captain Otakar Jaros', 1 Indep Czech Armor Bde, Poland, 1945
  16. Su-85, 'White 843, 1047 SP Arty Regt, Baltic Front, 1944
  17. IS-2, 'A. Nevesky', 95 Indep Guards Heavy Tank Regt, Poland, 1945
  18. IS-2, White 63, 42 Indep Guards Heavy Tank Regt, Moravia, 1945
  19. T-34/85, White 63, 6 Guards Tank Army, Austria, 1945
  20. IS-2, White 222, 4 Guards Tank Army, 1944
  21. ISU-122, White 3338, 334 Guards Heavy Arty Regt, Berlin, 1945

These decals are printed sharp, clear, and in perfect register. The variety of subjects and paint schemes will make any Eastern Front battle fan want to build several subjects from this sheet.

These will provide some interesting subjects for a variety of kits, though you'll need to dig out the references to replicate the full camouflage patterns partially depicted in the color profiles.

For more information about this set and the other releases from Empire City Decals, visit their website at

My sincere thanks to Empire City Decals for this review sample!