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B-1B Lancer Canopy Framing

Furball Aero-Design 1/48 B-1B Lancer Canopy Framing Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2015 Manufacturer Furball Aero-Design
Subject B-1B Lancer Canopy Framing Scale 1/48
Set Number 48043 Pros Easy to use visual detail
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $6.99

First Look

Furball Aero-Design has been designing some interesting decal magic recently. In addition to their colorful aircraft decal supersets, they've provided decal-based intake trunk colors, maintenance stencil sets, and these canopy seal sets. Here is the latest which provides the distinctive pressurization seals visible around the edges of B-1B Lancer windows and windscreens.

B-1B Lancer Canopy Framing

This set is sized for the Revell 1/48 B-1B Lancer kit and provide a nice clean outline to add that additional detail to your project. Stop by their website and try a set of these or other canopy seal set for your next project.

My sincere thanks to Furball Aero-Design for this review sample!