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Furball Aero-Design 1/72 MiG Masters Decal First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2015 Manufacturer Furball Aero-Design
Subject MiG Masters Scale 1/72
Set Number 72002 Pros 26 colorful F-8 Crusaders
Cons None noted Skill Level Novice
MSRP (USD) $19.99

First Look

Furball Aero-Design has reissued their Crusader decal super set, this time providing a colorful selection of MiG-Killing Crusaders from selected squadrons using the Academy 1/72 F-8 Crusader kit. These are all high-visibility (colorful) schemes from the Vietnam Air War and provide 20 MiG killers and 6 noteworthy examples.


The examples presented here include:

  1. F-8E, 150924, VF-211, NP/103, USS Hancock, 1966, Cdr Hal Marr
  2. F-8E, 150910, VF-211, NP/101, USS Hancock, 1966, Lt Eugene Chancy
  3. F-8E, 150300, VF-211, NP/104, USS Hancock, 1966, LtJg Phil Vampatella
  4. F-8E, 149159, VF-162, AH/210, USS Oriskany, 1955, Cdr Dick Bellinger
  5. F-8E, 150923, VF-211, NP/110, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, LtCdr Marshall 'Mo' Wright
  6. F-8E, 150348, VF-211, NP/101, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, Cdr Paul Speer
  7. F-8E, 150661, VF-211, NP/102, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, LtJg Joe Shea
  8. F-8C, 147029, VF-24, NP/443, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, Lt Phillip Wood
  9. F-8C, 146981, VF-24, NP/444, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, LtCdr Bobby Lee
  10. F-8C, 147018, VF-24, NP/442, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, Cdr Marion Isaacks
  11. F-8C, 146992, VF-24, NP/447, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, LtCdr Robert Kirkwood
  12. F-8E, 150859, VF-211, NP/107, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1967, LtCdr Tim Hubbard
  13. F-8C, 146999, VF-111, AH/106, USS Oriskany, 1967, LtCdr Dick Schaffert
  14. F-8E, 150879, VF-162, AH/204, USS Oriskany, 1967, Lt Richard Wyman
  15. F-8H, 148710, VF-51, NF/116, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1968, LtCdr Lowell R 'Moose' Meyers
  16. F-8E, 150926, VF-191, NM/101, USS Ticonderoga, 1968, LtCdr John B Nichols III
  17. F-8E, 150349, VF-53, NF/203, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1968, LtCdr Guy Cane
  18. F-8H, 147916, VF-51, NF/102, USS Bonhomme Richard, 1968, Lt Norman K McCoy
  19. F-8C, 146961, VF-111, AK/103, USS Intrepid, 1968, Lt Tony Nargi
  20. F-8J, 150900, VF-211, NP/101, USS Hancock, 1972, Lt Jerry Tucker
  21. F-8E, 148178, VF-51, NF/101, USS Ticonderoga, 1964, Cdr James Stockdale
  22. F-8D, 148673, VF-154, NL/413, USS Coral Sea, 1965, Lt D A Kardell
  23. F-8E, 150340, VMF(AW)-212, WD/114, USS Oriskany, 1965
  24. F-8E, 149150, VF-211, NP/101, 1967, LtCdr Guy Cane
  25. F-8E, 150336, VF-211, NP/00, 1967, LtCdr Guy Cane
  26. F-8J, 149210, VF-211, NP/112, USS Hancock, 1971, Lt Rick Amber

The sheet is printed by Cartograf and the printing is very well done. What's more, none of these decals require the modeler to stack multiple layers of markings atop one another to recreate artwork. This trend by some other decal companies of producing multiple-layer decals is unfortunate as it puts the burden on you to do the work of what should have been done by the decal maker.

This set provides two complete sets of airframe markings to replicate at least two kits (and if you use some of the stencils from the kits, you can do more!). This set comes on two large sheets and you can see that there is little wasted space in the decal printing!

My sincere thanks to Furball Aero-Design for this review sample!